Does Xbox need more 2020/2021 exclusives?

I believe that we are going to get Forza in 2021. Along with Halo Infinite and perhaps some unannounced Bethesda games, the lineup could be really good for the year.

I think Halo, Starfield, The Gunk, Stalker 2, Wolfenstein 3, Scorn are enough, Xbox don’t need more exclusive this year, it’s pretty good

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Roundhouse was just “founded”. Alpha Dog’s last was 2018? But their next is probably mobile.

Machine’s was last years Wolfenstein Youngblood and Wolfenstein Cyberpilot but they were short spinoffs and Arkane Lyon did a lot of the heavy lifting with them, and Arkane Lyon’s next is next year with Deathloop

They had a pretty good 2020 imo, Halo Infinite would be the icing to a very packed year.

If they managed to deliver that this year in the lead up of the console I can’t see they dropping the ball on the next and having a huge drop even with Corona being a thing this whole year.

I also have a feeling that many of the games assumed to be post 2022 will in fact launch before 2022 (Fable, Forza Motorsport being 2 for example)

I have seen many people keeping forza horizon 5 off their 2021/2022 lists.

I’m over here scratching my head about it. 2 year dev cycle, 2 year dev cycle… 5 year dev cycle?


Absolutely agree with this 100%. Additionally, I find it odd when people complain about exclusives for Xbox this year when XGS has had almost a dozen releases if I recall correctly and Sony has had… two?


This is true to an extent. Their third person over the shoulder games, while better than Ubisoft’s for example, are starting to show too many similarities to each other with not enough variation.

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Honestly, I don’t see anything on PS5 that would get me interested. Kena looks fun, but that I can play on Xbox later. The Spiderman expansion and Horizon FW turned out to be possible on current gen (mild shock) so those I’ll get on the ol’ PS4.

Xbox has plenty of games coming, esp. now with the Bethesda purchase, plus all third party will play best on X. I see no point at all to the PS5, I’m not into blowing air into controllers tbh.


PlayStation 5 wise, I have Spider Man: Miles Morales, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, God of War Ragnarok, Horizon II: Forbidden West as 100% guaranteed purchases and play-throughs. Returnal is 50/50. The rest I have zero interest in.

Timed console exclusive wise, I have Kena: Bridge of Spirits and Godfall but will wait until they release on Xbox Series X because I will get the better version and in regards to Godfall, what will most likely be a complete edition since they will have multiple post launch expansions. Plus, both will be candidates to be in Game Pass day one so im good waiting.

Xbox Series X wise, I have Gears Tactics, Ori and the Will of the Wisps and Halo Infinite. Not sure if games like Bright Memory/Infinite and Crossfire X campaign are fully exclusive or timed but either way, im good.

While it would it be great to have a few more exclusives for Xbox Series X, I have so many third party multi-platform games at launch, that I already have a backlog and the console isn’t even released yet. LOL.

Exclusives are great and all but I would much rather see Microsoft so “light” instead of “heavy” early on especially since later on, the games would only be for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

If anything, I have so many multi-platform games to play that Halo Infinite getting delayed was a huge positive for me especially since it gives me time to play through the entire main series. I get that people may be disappointed or whatever but at the same time, if you really have nothing else to play, then just wait to buy the console. That’s how I look at it. But to each their own.

Whoa, are you sure that Bethesda said they would show Starfield next year? I don’t recall that at all. All Pete Hines kept saying is its far away and when it’s done etc.

As for MachineGames, it seems that sadly their next game is a multiplayer game. I say sadly because they have shown with the two Wolfenstein games that they excel at that. Who knows, maybe they can make a great MP title but I really wanted to see a Wolf 3 by them or something else.

I guess it’s always possible it’s a MP mode within Wolfje 3, but it seemed it was a MP game. It sounds like we have to wait a bit for MG’s new single-player experience.

This along with Arkane that seems to be hiring for a game with online stuff in it as well, probably like Deathloop but again I find that they also excel at experiences like Dishonored and Prey, amazing stuff. Was hoping their next game after Deathloop would go back to that a little. But it seems the dev wants to try out new things.

Yes, agreed on the third party aspect. There are so many games coming! Also, this generation is different, the backwards compatability ensures that we have thousands of games to play. Not just a couple of launch games, that’s in the past.

Funny thing is, Xbox will be blamed for “forcing” all of these devs to make MP-games :wink:

I’m fully expecting that too. But it’s just silly, these studios clearly were already hard at work on the games before MS acquired them.

Logic and facts is not highly valued on the other side. :frowning:

Halo and Starfield will be a pretty good year next year, Forza Motorsport as well maybe. Flight Sim will likely hit console next year as well.

Yep. Excluding exclusives on both platforms, I have 6 November games and 1 December game. In other words, plenty of games to play without exclusives especially when about half are massive open world games.

I really don’t see Starfield in 2021. I can however see Wolfenstein III in 2021 as a Xbox One/Xbox Series cross-gen game.

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Keep in mind that Doom is a single player focused game that just so happens to have a multiplayer component. I’m not sure what exactly Machine Games next game is but it could be in the same boat ei a single player focused game with a MP side component.

That is what i hope, a game that has both would be great. But i thought those job postings indicated a MP game, but that i am not sure of.

I would think that Arkane Austin and machine games would have games out by the first 2 months of 2022. Arkane Austin hasn’t done anything since prey and machine games is able to make wolfenstien games quickly.

Zenimax online was working on a new IP in 2018 and Roundhouse has yet to publish thier first game.

Starfield has been in development for a while too.

I’d think between all of the above that we would get 2 Zenimax studio exclusivses at least and some XGSP surprise of two in the first year and a half of the next generation.

What do they have this year and next?

The medium Flight simulator Halo infinite The grub Call to the sea Infinite memory That mech combat game The ascent

And probably more.

I think its pretty good we just need firm dates and more marketing + info about these games.