Does Media Bias Exist Against Xbox?

So Ign posted this and it’s fair to say they definitely have preference over Ps than Xbox and they keep mocking or making jokes about them with tweets like these but why is it always one way! FYI this coming from site that nearly millions of followers…Are people at Xbox to blind to see this? Mind share they loosing Smh image|411x500


Media always has biased opinion. As long as they are getting hits they will keep pumping that out as their narrative.

They will cater to what gets them the most clicks and ad revenue.


Excluding brand specific outlets like PlayStationLifestyle, Windows Central etc. then no, media bias doesn’t exist. It’s just a silly meme, stop taking it so seriously.

The problem is not media bias but how uninformed some gaming media people are. Their was/is a show on ign in which they talked about their expectation of Xbox july show. It was really bad.

Also they like to run with a narrative which generate the most buzz. Negativ Xbox videos/article generate more clicks I guess.


Yes, and it is mostly an age thing. Gaming media editors, journalists tend to be in their late 20s and 30s so their gaming lives started with Playstation and they have grown in a gaming world only knowing playstation.

This colors articles and media slant. Also Sonys marketing tends to attract an us VS them mentality which also fuels the fires.

I’m much older, my first console was pong odyssey in 1977. I was a huge gamer long before Sony and will be a huge gamer after Sony leaves the gaming world. Some only know a gaming world with Sony at the helm and have zero perspective on it.


It’s mostly ignorance. I’m constantly surprised at the lack of even basic knowledge about all things Xbox related. If it’s your job to report on gaming, I think we should expect some sort of basic understanding of what you are talking about at the very least. And I’m talking about really, really basic stuff like which studios are part of XGS, how Xbox Game Pass works, that Xbox release games on PC, etc etc.

If I where that bad at my job, I’d be sent back to school.


Yes. Notice that making fun of Xbox is just a “harmless joke”, while making fun of PS is being a “toxic gamer”.

Most of the people talking about Xbox on those sites don’t even use it.


Yes & it just looks really unprofessional at this point imho.


Pretty much this. There really isn’t some industry wide bias.

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Should also be noted that these are gamers writing these articles themselves, so they will often adopt a lot of the current zeitgeist into their personal framing of things. Narratives form and persevere even among ‘journalists’.

Ex. Even Xbox-centered fans in the press casually accept that X1 had banned the use of used games entirely in the run up to the console launch. That’s just not true at all. Folks also casually claim that X1 required constant internet to operate at one point…again, that was never true. And yet, the zeitgeist has become so anchored to certain fictions that they eventually take over after ppl stop debating them and they become the new ‘reality’.

I see no issue at all with the image or article IGN posted here though.

It need not be some industry-wide conspiracy for gamers in the press to become adherent to popular narratives, especially when such framing gets reinforced from more positive attention from the masses of fanboys online shaping that collective narrative.

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Meme tht impacts over millions of eyes on site…making one platform looks bad is ok…oof some Xbox community doesn’t even care they being ridiculed now Wow.


It’s more about some media like IGN are using the console wars to generate clicks.

There is a general lack of MS purpose that’s finally gaining some understanding in the media. Hopefully things will change. But it’s up to MS to change stuff by being successful.

It’s not people’s job to stop Xbox being ridiculed. If people want to make fun of something, that’s up to them. We have a community here that we can talk Xbox with understanding of where MS goes WITHOUT caring what others say. That’s what you should focus on instead of the general media.


I don’t think they sway one way or another. During the 360 gen, it was weighed much more towards Xbox since that was popular in North America / UK at the time. (where most of the gaming coverage is from)

It comes down to what console is popular in NA / UK more so.

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Dunno about intended bias so to speak, but it seems like there is a serious lack of Xbox playing/using people on many sites. Its hard to be excited and interested in a platform you dont use regularly and are not expecting to play on daily basis.

The move to more PS focused reporting IMO happened when PS4 turned out to be more powerful than Xbox One and most of the publishers started sending/offering PS4 versions of new games (that were mostly better) for reviews. Also on previous generations your online id profile was not this important as it is today. Now a lot of the press people seems to be trenched in the Sony ecosystem and its hard to get them to switch…


There are different sorts of bias. I’m sure many sites will try to attract the most viewers and do so by calculatingly prioritising the most popular console and therefore narratives. There is unconscious bias in whereby because Xbox has released some middling games in the past you might rate current games lower then you would if they were published elsewhere.

Then finally there are people in the media who try to pretend they are above console warring and fanboy stuff yet clearly revel in it and love to stoke it. These people generally are biased towards Sony.

All of this exists but it doesn’t mean that every journalist has these biases - it just happens that a lot of these journalists seem to be of an age where they grew up in awe of Sony and PlayStation. I genuinely think this is a factor too.


Yes, I believe so. Mostly because a bunch of editors and journalist can’t let go their past experience, they grew up on PS2 or Nintendo era, so they let this feeling of nostalgia take over them. As a xbox fan, I grew some thick skin on it and I don’t take it seriously anymore nor it cause me any annoyances. I just look at them and think how ridiculous some of them are and move on.


Frankly speaking, if you dont think there is media bias against Xbox while being on a site created to be able to get away from it, you’re reading the tea leaves wrong. Smashing Xbox gets clicks and it’s a rampant practice.


That is a good point about review copies. Hadn’t considered that element. I also think the gaming press is now a much broader term and now (unfortunately) includes YouTubers who are clueless and just saying whatever they think certain audiences want to hear so they can farm clicks (from both sides, I might add). That really affects the quality of nuanced, sober discussion in certain segments of the internet. I personally think the more mainstay press outlets like IGN and Gamespot and Kotaku do a pretty decent job trying to be objective in terms of news items though. It’s the YouTuber’s they compete with that are spreading misinformation for clicks mostly.


This guy gets it :clap: