Do you think we will be allowed to pre-load the Xbox Series X|S versions of games prior to system launch?

Prior to the two new systems launching on November 10th, do you think for digital users we will be able to pre-load the games with the X|S versions onto to a HDD before hand. Similar too how you can download 4K assets on the OG one model for moving it onto the X through system transfer.

They just announced the possibility to download games you don’t own - so I’d say yes!

They did that for the One X. So chances are good. Also what @Hammer24 said.

Hopefully, means I can update all my current games that will be XSX enhanced (gears 5, Forza horizon 4, sea of theives) and preload games purchases (AC:VALHALLA, Yakuza, cyberpunk, Tetris Effect, watch dogs etc)

I hope that app comes to the iOS before November.