Do you think we are going to get the new Microsoft Edge on Xbox Series X?

Have you tried the new Microsoft Edge on PC ? It’s chromium based and it’s crazy fast. Do you think we are going to get this on Xbox Series X ?

Eventually I’m sure they will update it. Edge on Xbox Consoles probably isn’t a priority atm for the browser team, especially with the Xbox division no longer being under the Windows Organization. But yes, they will update it at some point.

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I remember not long ago a dev saying on reddit, that it was low on their priority list right now, but eventually, it will come. They didn’t even update the logo. So maybe for X launch, just don’t expect it.

I hope we get the most adavanced one free of bugs and freezes cause it is really annoying to have to close the app and restart it or having tabs glitching and freezing. It’s messy on my X1X and I use it regularly to compare with my pc which is crazy good. They have to improve it greatly by huge margin.

having no modern browser like Edgium on your new shiny console would be a really disappointment

Would be nice to get Chromium Edge, and would be cool if we can add extensions.

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I hope so, it will help with any missing apps that can run in a browser, streaming ones in particular.

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XBox is about to get a much improved browser experience:


That’s actually pretty awesome. Here Brad Sams shows it in action :

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Dropping native MS Edge into Xbox just made my sports streaming 100x better. I only watch on PC because Edge is terrible om Xbox

We all know that MS is hard at work in making Gamepass Gaming (XCloud for us) web based to infiltrate iOS and bypass Apples draconian App Store policies.

By making the Xbox version of Edge Chromium (to finally align with its PC counterpart), they are effectively transitioning towards the possibility of finally having us access XCloud from our Xbox Ones (great for when true exclusive next-gen games start coming out).

People have already tested this. Google Stadia and Amazon’s Luna have been confirmed to run on this. Insane.

I assume with stadia/Luna, the controller you already have connected should just work to play the games?

Either of those guys would be stupid to limit their reach by needing to require their specific controller. Even Xcloud allows Dualshock 4 despite themselves having the best controller in the market.

I’m specifically inquiring about using this on the updated Xbox edge browser. The controllers work fine elsewhere.

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I can’t get my controller inputs to work for closing tabs or using the adress bar. This looks like a very early version. But a lot smoother and faster than previous Edge.

Oh nice, it is the full deal including extension support :scream:

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