Do you think that the Series S will drop in price soon after launch?

I’m guessing Holiday 2021

Xbox Series S $250 + 6 months of Game Pass

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possible in certain countries like mine (One did as well) but 6 months of game pass, naah maybe 3 at max, but 14 days-1 month is more realistic

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Yes. 249.

No, I see Series X dropping before Series S. They are taking a big loss on S. Maybe the odd Black Friday sale. When PS5 DE drops then Series S will too.

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It will drop faster then the PS5de. Sony must be taking a huge loss there.

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No. Expecting $300/$500 for at least 3 years. Both consoles are expensive, they are losing money on both and RAM is still very expensive.

If you need to drop price by $50+ after just 1 year means that you have very low demand. Dropping the price and taking an even larger loss to move a few more boxes is not the solution. After this holiday and particularly, next holiday we’ll get a better look at demand. If the XSX has better demand, then the focus will be there. But I don’t expect that to be the case. The first year or two, there is more demand from the core players and they’ll buy the more expensive, better performance device. But both devices needed to be released together to ensure developer support, specially for the lower end device.

Nah, it will take a while. It’s cheap af as it is.

It will drop faster than most consoles but not after this holiday season.

If you do the math on All Access, it’s $15 a month for GP and $239 for the console. You save $60.

So they are able to drop the price to $249 tomorrow, should they decide the $399 PS5 price is too competitive, if they wanted to.

That said, I was too focused on launch performance when the reality is that this console means a lot more in years 2 & 3 when the mass market starts migrating from the X1 and PS4. I expect the PS5 and XSX to stay at the same price next Fall and the XSS drops $50 to $249. Which is pretty significant in terms of a percentage and in how soon it happens.

I like them do a no controller addition at a greatly reduced price. Everyone has a bunch of old controllers laying around right? Would be great as a second console.

I expect price drops to come later than Xbox ONe

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No. It will be $299 awhile since that’s already a low mass market price. What they will do is start adding to the bundle like digital game bundles and/or game pass ultimate memberships for 1-3 months.

Do a Halo Infinite bundle with 1 month of game pass at holiday 2021 for $299.

No. It’s already priced very aggressively and insiders have reported that MS is taking a bigger loss on the Series S than the Series X. It’ll be a few years before we see price drops I think.

I can see it become 249 for Black Friday 2021. Not sooner.

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considerations one must make in looking at this are the following I think :

  1. the xbox one had to drop in price pretty quickly and before microsoft intended to , with a lot of unplanned for losses after sales stagnated after the initial launch period .
  2. xbox has had to price very competitively this gen due to their initial stigma in general much more so than they would likely have under normal circumstances.
  3. for both the ps4 and xbox one near the mid to end of the gen console prices did not really budge when it came to official msrp.

In contrast xbox series s is a console designed to maintain a cheaper price than other console models this gen from the start with acceptable losses already priced in. I’m pretty sure they have priced it with the expectation and intent that neither it nor the series X (or ps5 models ) will be getting much cheaper until at least a revision , especially based on things we’ve heard from hotchips about typical cost savings from die shrinks etc being less this time around .

I expect the prices of the systems to be mostly the same outside of holidays , and that holiday 2021 will largely be about game and controller console bundles .