Do you think that Tango Gameworks will make The Evil Within 3 someday, or not?

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  • No

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Tango Gameworks is currently working on Ghostwire Tokyo (set to release this year) and the game seems to be action-adventure.

Shinji Mikami recently stated that he would return for a last time as director if he had the chance to make a game that’s completely his vision from beginning to end. Assuming it would happen, I’m not sure that it would be The Evil Within 3 or a survival-horror game (plus John Johanas did a fantastic work on TEW2 as a director imo).

That would probably be something related to Noah (the concept when they founded Tango 10 years ago before being bought by Bethesda was a sci-fi open world “survival adventure” inspired by the movie Dune) or something else.

However, when he started Tango, Mikami initially envisionned it as a studio capable to work on several projects at once. So it may not prevent TEW3 of happening in parallel ultimately (maybe it’s already the case with a small team).

Also, The Evil Within 2 ended on a cliffhanger after the credits (and still has a lot of unanswered questions).

However, the game disappointed regarding sales compared to the first game (and lack of marketing too). There also wasn’t DLCs for TEW2 while the first game got 3 (The Assignment, The Executionner and The Consequence).

But with Game Pass being the new model for MS, it could solve a part of the problem perhaps.

So, if you had to make a wild guess, do you think that The Evil Within will return at some point, or not ?

I will say yes and im hoping that it does. Microsoft should elevate Tango Gameworks to two studios/teams. One for Mikami’s game finale and one for The Evil Within 3.

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So I think MS will ramp Tango up into two teams, Mikami will get one team to go off and do the dream game he said he would only come back to directing for and the other director will get TEW 3 with the second team

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I def yes from me.