Do you spend $$ on Microtransactions?

How many members of XboxEra spend money on Microtransactions?

Do you do it regularly ? Only in your favorite game ? Or in every new game you play that has them?

I rarely spend money on microtransactions if ever, and I’m well aware especially in mobile games of all the psychological tricks they play on you to try and get you to spend, as once you spend $1 chances are you’ll keep spending and rationalize it to yourself.

Here I am, considering buying a cosmetic for the first time in a game im addicted to. I’ve never spent money on microtransactions in said game, and I feel dirty that the thought has even crossed my mind… But it supports the devs right ? A game I’ve spent 1000s of hours in, and will continue to for the foreseeable future… But it feels wrong. And I know as soon as I do it once, it will become more frequent in the future.

My dirty secret was Fallout First.

I don’t think I have bought a skin, but I definitely bought loot boxes (Overwatch) and the like going waaay back.

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I bought the OG soundtrack dlc for RE2R, does that count? lol

But outside of that, no I never buy MTX, battle passes, skins, XP boosts, never

I mostly buy them in live service games, Fortnite skins and Minecraft worlds. I try and convince myself they are for the kids but mostly they are for myself.

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Speaking of loot boxes I just had a flashback to cod infinite warfare, I spent hundreds in that game.

The guns you got from loot boxes had exclusive perks that were op compared to the f2p guns lol

I have purchased a few micro-transactions.

1 and 2. The Treasure Map Pack for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for both PlayStation and Xbox. I’m not wasting my time looking for everything so give me those icons on the world map so I can way point and collect them.

  1. Level upgrades and Item capacity upgrades for Tales of Arise on Xbox. Even on the lowest difficulty level, enemies are grindy the entire damn game and if you don’t do everything to level up, you will be outmatched at the end of the game. So since I had already spent $100 on the complete/ultimate edition or whatever it’s called which includes the expansion and a shit ton of bonus content, spending an extra $10-$15 wasn’t going to make a damn bit of difference. I completed the base game and the expansion so for me, worth the extra money.

  2. Not sure if this would be classified as a micro-transaction but I bought the $5 Mercenary Class for Biomutant a few years ago. It was a bonus item that was part of the digital deluxe edition but I had the game on disc which didn’t include that.

  3. It all started back in 2012 with Sleeping Dogs. Bought every single DLC pack and whatnot that game had. I even bought multiple copies of the game from different retailers as they had different exclusive missions. Safe to say I went extremely overboard with this game but seeing as how much I loved the game and preferred it over GTA V in the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 generation, I would say that it was well worth it.

That’s pretty much it.

Fallout 1st is not really a microtransaction though. It’s a sub, and it costs as much as Game Pass Ultimate does, which is ridiculous.

I bought a month of it on sale since I decided to try out F76, don’t care about the cosmetic stuff usually but… You get a NCR Ranger outfit and well, my profile pic should be a clue. I couldn’t resist, haha. The sub has other useful benefits like a private server etc.

As for other MTX, nah. I buy expansions and proper content for games though.

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Nah, no I don’t. I have bought a few for Rocket League back in the day - keys, I think - but I’m not interested in them anymore.

Occasionally - usually something fancy I like the look of on Halo or whatever. I don’t begrudge doing it from time to time cause I tend to get plenty of play time out of these games and I try to think of it more as leaving a tip for something I enjoyed.

No, I spend £s.
Only twice in a mobile game.

I’ve bought vBucks once. And bought a pet in Sea of Thieves.

That’s it.

Quite a lot on battlepasses and skins over the years on games I enjoy and play a lot, like Overwatch, Halo Infinite, Fallout 76 and, of course, Fortnite. In other games not really except for expansions, but when it comes to GAAS it makes a lot of sense, especially f2p ones. I might be forgetting a few small ones here and there, but mostly on GAAS in my case. Don’t see anything wrong with it either, just the way the market is right now!

I did once on gears 5. I think that was the only time I ever did in all my years in gaming. unless you count vbucks for fortnight that i get for my daughter everytime its her b day or she makes the honor roll

I buy stuff for something like Path of Exile which is FTP to support the game, but things like cosmetics on a full priced game, nope. I’m not opposed to buying additional content for games that I really like, but I haven’t really run into that.

I’ve also bought stash tabs for PoE before, only because they carry over to PoE 2.

And you say it’s good to support the game, isn’t that what cosmetics do too ? Are you saying you’re against buying cosmetics in a full price game, but if the game is f2p you’re happy to buy them to support the devs ?

Not exactly. Just not a fan of cosmetics in general, stash tabs have a use in PoE. I wouldn’t really buy any of the cosmetics in PoE either but I might since the game was free to start. For a full priced game I doubt I’d buy cosmetics, but I’d buy additional content if I really liked the game.

Essentially if the game is FTP the bar would be lower to get me to buy additional content. For a full priced game it would have to be really compelling. Cosmetics are REALLY LOW on my list of things to buy.

Yeah the price is insane, it’s a pity it isn’t cheaper or there were other plans for just the scrapbox and ammobox. I threw it in there because you kinda get cosmetics through 1st

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I just spent $$ on clash of clans, I feel like such a loser ! But I couldn’t resist the pack with 3x value.

Every time I logged in I saw it, and eventually I gave in.

My sin are Overwatch Battle Passes for every season.

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I “buy” the Forza Horizon car packs not included in the car pass, but only with the points I get from MS Rewards.

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