Do you like numbers going up? Try Melvor Idle! An Idle version of RuneScape!

Melvor Idle is an idle version of RuneScape, published by Jagex.

You get the fun of levelling up, getting new loot and fighting bosses while idling!

I thought this concept sounded terrible but as my first idle game, and someone who played RuneScape in the past, it’s actually quite enjoyable setting up your character to do something then checking back in a couple hours or the next day to check your progress and then set the next goal.

There is a substantial free trial to see if you enjoy this kind of game.

I recommend buying the game on steam if you enjoy the free trial. Steam version also upgrades your account on the mobile and browser versions with your paid content.

The game is actively being developed and there has been 2 expansions with a third one on the way this year. I picked up the base game and the 2 current expansions for the price of the base game alone(steam price) via GreenManGaming

This reads like an advertisement :valle:


Damn I forgot my affiliate link!


I guess no one cares !

I’m playing this right now and it’s scratching the “number go up” itch. It was hard going until I made some money though, was constantly running out of space.

(I exited out of the game while chopping up some yew, came back to a buttload of logs and sold it all)

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Did my thread motivate you to give to a try?

Glad to hear you’re enjoying it !

I’m playing adventure mode

Total coincidence, actually! I got it for free on Epic and saw that it and its DLCs were on sale on Steam. Gave the free version a shot and then bought the full set. I’m enjoying it a lot, though it’s a bit obtuse at first.

I wish it supported Steam Cloud but I guess this system also lets you play on your phone which should be nice!

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Yeah that’s right the cloud save works great.

I find myself playing on the phone 99% of the time though then just logging into steam every once and a while to pop the achievements I’ve earned so far !

I never knew this game was free on epic,

Looks like I got it right around last Christmas, I think they were doing a bunch of giveaways around then.

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@Doncabesa have you started up your character?

I’ve started up a hardcore character now for extra steam achievements!

The cloud saves ate a day of really good progress so I uninstalled the game for now :sweat_smile:

What do you mean? How could you mess up your save

I didn’t, I was using the same device and was connected to WiFi the whole time! After I really got some great fishing and summoning done too, what a shame.

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Have you tried any other idle games? I think something like melvor but with online pvp and auction houses would be cool

I’ve tried a few but nothing that really fits what you suggest. Cookie Clicker and Candy box are fun but single-player, Lootun seems interesting but I haven’t played it much. Same for the Gnorp Analogue.

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