Do you know anything about security cameras?

Hey peeps, has any of you used a wifi camera? I’m planning to set a camera in my house, but I need some recommendations. I’m looking for a camera for security reasons, so I need something with a good night vision and wide-angle recordings. It seems like Homam cameras will do, but I would like to hear some first-hand experience. So, if you happen to use this cam, please, share your thoughts! Or, if you use any other camera and you like it, let me know as well!

My wife and I use Wyze cam for our baby monitor. They have quite a few cameras I think. Swivel, outdoor/indoor, indoor only etc.

We use a Wyze Cam V2 the V3 is out in December. Costs $20 USD has an app with motion alerts, remote viewing, speak through the camera, capture etc.

The cameras are 1080p with colour night vision, weather proof, micro sd card compatible etc.

We really like ours and the reviews seem to be uniformly positive.

If you do get some make sure your internet cable is inaccessible because a burglar can just cut your cable and your system will be down. Or you can get a sim card backup for some brands.

However only the smartest criminals will know about this and you could point a camera where your exterior internet cable is.