Do you go all in on a game, or play and run?

When you play a game do you immerse yourself in the story, and get into the lore of the game, or do you just play it for the immediate fun and then move right on?

I don’t find myself getting into the whole story arc and lore of games in the slightest. I’m playing through Halo Infinate and I just realised I have no real idea about the whole story line of the game series, and I have played entire Halo library since OG Xbox. I went back and watched a Halo history video on YouTube and I had no real idea about any of the storyline. One thing I realised is the storyline is a mess of add ons and change ups. For me when I play through the games I kinds do so using short term memory and not long term if that makes sense? I see others online talking about the side stories and the lore, buying the books to get more of the story, but I just play the game for the immediate fun factor and then move on. Am I the only one like that?

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Both for the fun and story, for sure. Although gameplay is #1, or I wouldn’t play games without story, like Tetris or PGA Tour. But I am for sure interested in the story in the games that have them. I’d never skip a cutscene for example, and years after having finished a game with a story, it’s that story that is more likely to stay with me rather than what the gameplay was like.


I don’t even remember the story for most of the games I’ve played, lol. Typically much more gameplay oriented than story, even for RPGs.

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Depends on how much the story grips me.

Halo Lore and Bloodborne lore I love. Also really enjoy diving into the extra lore/story in the collectibles of Quantum Break and Control for example.

But if the story doesn’t grip me, then yeah, I just enjoy the gameplay and move on.

Depends on the game.

I’ve watched an awful lot youtube videos on the lore of Doom and Fallout in the last few years

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As the great Sir-Mix-A-Lot would say:

A lot of simps won’t like this song 'Cause them punks like to hit it and quit it. And I’d rather stay and play

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A lot of games i play and then move on. Games like Dark Souls do have me going on youtube to figure out what the hell just happened in the story.

I am super guilty of playing games part way or half way through then starting something else and forgetting. My mission in 2022 is to stop doing this and take one game at a time

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Are you Mirror Cerys?

If possible, I try to get all achievements. My achievements completion rate is at 98% according to Trueachievements lmao.

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I’ve had the tendency to run but come back later. Some games I’ve never gotten back to like an imortals and Ac valhalla. I might go back to imortals one day. Valhalla I’m done with after 10 hours.