Do you follow any celebrities Xbox accounts ? Share them here!

I only follow P3 aka the man himself Phil Spencer.

He has 53 days in Destiny 2 and over 2 days in Elden ring so far ! What a legend !


Wow no one cares about famous gamers ?

Fun fact: @Shpeshal_Nick has 87 days of his life in rocket league!! Crikey !

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I suggest you have a bit of patience. :slight_smile: There’s only four hours between you creating this thread and your follow-up post, and it’s a weekend. The board tends to slow down on weekends.

Also, I think a pretty large number (majority?) of our users are in North and South America, and for us your post went up in the evening/night depending on time zone. It’s currently 5am here in EST, which means you posted it at midnight for me and 9pm for anyone on the west coast.

Basically, the 1-2 punch of Saturday and late in the day for many users, will mean less engagement.

That said, it’s true that I don’t care about famous gamers, so I won’t be of much use in this topic. Just wanted to point out some other possible reasons for the perceived lack of interest.

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I have people like Jez, Rand and Ryan McCaffrey. None of whom are ever online so I guess they have it set to appear offline to avoid being bombarded with messages.

I have Phil too, it’s cool to see what he’s playing. I also have Major Nelson.

I used to follow Stallion the guy with a bazillion gamerscore.

I guess those are all industry people rather than famous people though. I think I had Snoop Dog? Didn’t he have an Xbox 360. And Eddie Murphy. Although both are never online if it’s even them

That’s just on Xbox

I have the Platinum on PS4 and also have some hours on Switch and PC

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I follow Doja Cat. She comes online every now and then though.

Not really, for some reason I find it weird even tho I know that on Xbox you follow users like Twitter and not friends them like Facebook, so it’s accepted to follow people you don’t know. But I still find it weird.

I like to check people’s profile to see if they are worth listening to online.

For example if Nick had no time in his games I wouldn’t care for his opinion as a podcaster on the topic of gaming

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