Do we expect a new single-player Fallout game before 2025 or 2026 ? What studio could or should make it ? (Bethesda, Obsidian, inXile..)

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I love Fallout, it’s one of my favorite top 5 franchises and I’m super happy to see Bethesda joining Microsoft and Obsidian

But with Bethesda being quite busy with Starfield and TES 6, I wonder when we will get the next Fallout because it felt like an eteeeernity since Fallout 4 was released in 2015 and I can’t imagine a scenario where we don’t get a new SP Fallout before 2025 or 2026 (though it’s even worse for The Elder Scrolls fans as TES 5 was released in 2011…).

Ideal scenario would be that MS find someone to take care of the IP and start the development of a new Fallout now but I don’t know what developer could make it as everyone seems busy with their own projects.

The Fallout IP is one of the most popular franchises ever (if we forget the Fallout 76 fiasco), with Fallout 4 generating $750 million in just 24 hours (way more than the budget of the game) and shipping 12 millions copies on launch day. I don’t see MS doing nothing with such a major franchise (unless Bethesda operates independantly and decides about it).

Phil Spencer and Major Nelson also have Vault Boy as their new profile pics.

And Major Nelson retweeted the Obsidian tweet:

Game Rant has an interesting theory though :

Interesting to note that Feargus (the CEO of Obsidian) said several times that he would love to work on Fallout again and that they already had a concept for a New Vegas sequel that could have been ‘Fallout LA’:

So what do you think ?

It would be amazing but I don’t know, I think it’s unlikely. Todd said that Bethesda employees learnt of the acquisition the same day as everyone and we don’t know when the deal was set in stone (there is always a risk it fell apart before that).

In 2017 Sawyer said he would love to work on a Fallout game again:

But I suspect that his Project Missouri (probably 5 to 10 people at the moment ?) is just the non-violent historical RPG set in Earth’s history he said he wanted to do back in 2016 and that we have heard of since 2019 (maybe it’s an isometric RPG ?). But god I would love to see him work on Fallout again.

Is there a team somewhere that is not busy and that would like to work on Fallout ? :worried:


Obsidian. Fallout New Vegas Remake “Newer Vegas” + New Vegas sequel


Oh man, if Obsidian wasn’t already busy on Avowed and Todd (BGS) was OK with it…

Because I really BGS in the past saying they never wanted anyone else to make Fallout again except for themselves. Unless that was just taken out of context or was nonsense.


Obsidian. Fallout New Vegas 2.

Then I can die a happy person.


He said this in 2018:

In conversation with The Guardian, company director Todd Howard says Bethesda is in a position now where in-house projects make the most sense going forward.

“I wouldn’t say never,” says Howard asked about the nature of NV’s development. “[But] now that our company is so big, it’s always better to keep stuff internal… it becomes less likely, but I could never say never. I thought the Obsidian guys did a fabulous job.”

But I think it would be different now that Bethesda and Obsidian are under the Microsoft umbrella.


I hope so! Honestly I prefer the Bethesda Fallout games, New Vegas has never been my favorite. But it’s not like putting a different studio on a Fallout spinoff is a new thing for Bethesda. And you know Microsoft has got to be eyeing their options for getting a new Fallout game out asap.

Reading all this. You peeps are giving me hope.

Oh maaaaan, so it’s absolutely a possibility. Especially since BGS is hard at work on Starfield and right after that it’s all hands on deck for TES VI. So once Avowed is done…let’s hope Obsidian is still hungry for yet another singleplayer RPG after that because they COULD make a new proper Fallout.

Imagine that, Starfield, TES VI and then maybe after OR before that possibly Fallout 5.

I know BGS has gotten a lot of criticism for Fallout 76 and for many aspects rightfully so (not for the game world itself) and it seems some have condemned BGS after one misstep (I quite liked Fallout 4, even if it did miss key RPG elements) but personally I don’t even see 76 as a proper BGS game. Howard team’s next is clearly Starfield.

The future for Xbox is just amazing! I’m still not over this news, so good.

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I really wish we’d see less sequels and more original IP like Starfield. Let Fallout rest.

Perfection would be a Bethesda x Obsidian Fallout game.

Bethesda would create a fantastic open-world and good combat mechanics like in Fallout 4 (exploration was really well done)

Obsidian would create a fantastic story with impactful choices like in New Vegas

Not going to happen (I guess) but having the plus of Bethesda Fallout games and the plus of Obsidian Fallout game would be truly amazing.

I think a collaboration between Bethesda and Obsidian is the way to go for the next Fallout.


Does anyone have a solid understanding of what the 4 Bethesda Game Studios locations handle?

@Klobrille do you know how they function?

let them do their thing

but by god let them borrow the Obsidian dialogue system

I hope Obsidian volunteers for Fallout Vegas 2. Keep in mind though, that Sawyer isn’t interested in doing AAA so it likely has different creative leads.

I want Bethesda to make it. It is their baby at this point. Id rather Obsidian make the most of Avowed and let that be their dream game. Run wild make it All they want it to be.i wouldn’t mind if the make a fallout new vegas sequel afterwards but let these companies make what they want. It is crazy enough that Obsidian, Bethesda, and inXile are all in house now. They have pedigree and know what they are doing. Let them make what they want.

I’d like to see Obsidian and InXile tag team a Fallout New Vegas style ‘sequel’. Avowed won’t be here for a while after all, but Josh Sawyer @ Obsidian does have his own pet project he is working on apparently.

I think that would be perfect for XGS to take the next step Booty said they wanted to take but weren’t there yet: Have 2 or more teams working on the same game internally as a coproject.

I have a weird hunch InXile NOLA and Krome may remake Fallout 1 and 2 while the California team staffs up for the new RPG.

I don’t see Obsidian doing anything with Fallout until next gen. Their “fallout team” is currently working on Outer Worlds 2 and their Avowed team probably wants to stick with Avowed if it does well.

As for BGS, they have grown to 4 studios now. Austin works on 76. The other three (Dallas, Montreal and Maryland) work on Elder Scrolls and Starfield. I could see, after Starfield is completed, one of the support studios is stacked up with talent and the other is spun off to start Fallout 5. Maryland will still lead the charge on ES6, it’s their baby.

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I honestly don’t know. Part of me believes MS wants a new Fallout as soon as possible but the way they are being with their studios tells me they won’t force someone to drop a project and make it. I feel like the soonest we could see Fallout is after Avowed, IF Obsidian even want to make it. How’s Fallout 76 these days?

Depending on what the gaming landscape looks like for MS in 4-6 years, I could possibly see a team-up of sorts between Beth, Obsidian and InXile. That would be lovely and almost completely fanboyish, I know…

They should form a new team for it out of all mentioned studios. Use the best talent and those who want to work on it.

This is why I voted other!