DMC5 Loading time comparison: XSX - 38 seconds / PS5 - 53 seconds


Where is the info on the ps5 load time?

Nevermind, its in the reactions of the tweet

Longer on PS5? Lmao

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On xbox series x, they skipped one video. Should be around 56 seconds on XSX, 53 on PS5.

I got to say the ps5 in the ultimate edition and couldn’t skip the start logo’s.

But loading a mission between 1.4 sec to over 3 secs on the ps5.

One mission on Xbox series x I’ve seen on the back compact original devil may cry 5 loads in 4 sec without using velocity and not the ultimate edition.

The bigger thing here is that a lot of people were acting like PS5 is the most “balanced” system and their loading times should be 2x faster that XSX. The fact that they are extremely comparable is hilarious.

Looks like Series X built the most balanced system with power and speed.

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I kinda expect similar for other multiplatform games and that’s awesome. Fantastic short loading times all around.

Is PC even this fast?

It’s possible that it will differ per game. For example Spidey MM was extremely short from main menu into gameplay. We don’t yet have a new game for XSX to compare that too. Gears 5 takes like 8 seconds (iirc) to load from main menu into gameplay.

Exclusives wise PS5 will likely have the edge with loading times but multiplatform it’s gonna be very, very close it seems.

I think there are some factors to consider, skipping the hand animation cinematic(although that would put the PS5 at 32 seconds if they had skipped), if the PS5 version did a cloud save download or not(It starts about the 17 second mark and it goes all the way to the 26 second mark before it checks for what it’s available/owned on Xbox), and the PS5 version being a next Gen upgrade compared to Xbox’s BC version. But this really makes me think that loading between the two on won’t be too far off.

Two things why this is not comparable

  1. PS5 is special edition version. XSX is BC version

  2. Animation has been skipped on XSX by the player but not on PS5.

Closing topic as it’s not accurate or relevant on multiple levels.