Disparity between nr. of posts shown outside and inside the thread


What could be the reason behind this disparity here?

Thank you.

Maybe posts removed and/or moved to other threads?

Probably because it rounds up. That’s my guess.

But for example on the Game Pass thread it’s 2800 posts and it rounds to 2.8k

Which is… Correct? I’m not understanding the concern here. Apologies if I’m being dense!

Also - the thread you mentioned?

Yeah, the Game Pass one is correct, but the one I mentioned, why wasn’t it rounded up to like 9.7k? :slight_smile:

I think rounding works like this:

If the number of posts is above 9950 then rounds as 10K

if the number of posts is below 9949 then rounds as 9.9K

Also, with mega threads, when they hit 10K posts, thread is closed and new one is opened, which can move some posts left and right, but at the end everything sets at some point and displays correct data. Can you still see disparity somewhere?

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This makes sense, however, in my first example, as demonstrated, the thread was not yet closed, and inside it displayed 9655 messages, which would be rounded up to 9.7k, right? Instead, outside the thread, it was being rounded up to 10.0k. So either the 9655 figure was wrong, or the rounding was wrong, no? :slight_smile:

EDIT: Ah, I think I might know what’s going on. If we ignore users, their posts get discounted from the number of posts displayed inside the thread, right? So that must be it, in my case. The number outside the thread would be correct, then. The number inside reflects all the posts I can currently view. Is this a correct assumption?

Hm, that would make sense, but I’m not 100% that is the case. I don’t ignore anyone, and everything is fine when comparing numbers, so you are maybe onto something :smiley:.

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