Disgaea 4 Complete is coming to PC, launching on Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC

The ULTIMATE Disgaea game awaits you with Disgaea 4 Complete+ on PC, dood! Valvatorez, a former tyrant turned Prinny instructor, must bring down the corrupt ruling powers of Hades and save all Prinnykind…with ruthless compassion! Everything you need to kick off your fiery cam-pain is here, including insane strategic action, a darkly humorous cast of characters, and a horde of exciting gameplay features!

Coming to PC Fall 2020!


Hopefully this means it comes to Xbox too. Always meant to play a Disgaea game so GP PC helps.

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Not expecting much tbh. Maybe a port announcement at X0 or something… but don’t think it’ll happen.

OH MAN!!! I’m so happy about this! I’m sure it won’t have achievements, but baby steps. I really really hope MS can convince them to get Disgaea on Xbox. It’s one of my fav SRPGs series, easily!

Boomer about no Xbox. Persona and Disgaea finally arriving would be a megaton for me.

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So many great Japanese games coming to Gamepass, awesome.

Wonder if that’ll ever happen… maybe after the next Japan trip from Spencer and his team… lol.

I really hope so, Yakuza style :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool announcement! When Valkyria Chronicles made Game Pass for PC, I was sad that it had no achievement support. I feel especially with games that are NOT hitting Xbox, this should really be a top priority. I‘ve always though Game Pass for PC had the potential to secure some of the more niche Japanese games because almost all of them are now seeing PC ports.

I expected this game to not have achievements(see my post above lol) because of a lot of Game Pass PC games not getting the support. But according to the MS Store, the game will support Xbox Live Achievements. So I think we win this time! :smiley:

I will definitely give this a whirl, these games have a great sense of humour. I own one of them on Switch but do not really like playing long games on the small, congested form factor of the Switch. Glad to see it coming to Xbox in some form.