Discord voice chat is coming to Xbox, releasing for Xbox insiders today

Originally published at: https://xboxera.com/2022/07/20/discord-voice-chat-is-coming-to-xbox-releasing-for-xbox-insiders-today/

Discord voice chat is finally coming to Xbox and will be available to use today if you’re an Xbox insider. A wide release for all Xbox platform users will come “in the coming weeks”.

Xbox Wire made the announcement today and discussed a few features the Xbox integration will have, saying “while you are playing on your console, you will be able to see who is in the call and speaking. You’ll also be able to adjust the sound, and switch between Discord Voice and Xbox game chat.”

Discord is the most popular voice and messaging platform for gaming. The announcement that the platform is finally seeing integration into Xbox is a massive move to ensure Xbox continues to be at the forefront of social gaming.



This is so cool lot better than party chat if it works. It amazing how discord took over game vioce and gaming forums. I old fashion though, I like forums better. I to bad I not as alpha beta :frowning: got exited that I got a xbox update but no discord option


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This is great news. This was my hope when MS was originally in talks to acquire Discord, but I thought the partnership with PlayStation would either stop this altogether or at the very least come much later after a similar integration with PS was implemented. I feel like with how much crossplay is taking off, this was inevitable and will likely come to other platforms eventually.


I hope we eventually get a Discord app with full Discord implementation in the future. After the 360 era a lot of my friends moved to PC and Discord is what we use to still chat and hang out.

Having voice chat is great. Im hoping that the messenger and game streaming comes soon too.


This is excellent news and a foundation they will no doubt evolve. I do believe the biggest benefit comes if all gaming platforms impliment this. It will greatly enhance the crossplay experiences as well as allow us to talk with our friends regardless of which platform someone is gaming on. The less barriers between communities, the better. I even believe that would reduce console war toxicity long term.

Regardless this enhances the Xbox ecosystem as it is now while its potential for the future is very exciting.


I wanted to point out the obscene stupidity and negative bias of some Gaming Media sites. Here’s their headline for this, “Xbox Finally Gets Long-Awaited Feature” when its the first console to ever have the feature. They make it sound negative like they’re last and a decade late.

I’m sorry, but they need to sod off and drop off the planet. Do Better!


Does Playstation still not have it?

PlayStation only got basic “What are you playing” integration back in January 2022 that Xbox has had since 2018.

Xbox Blog from April 2018:

Sony PlayStation Blog from January 2022: