Discord partnering with Playstation for Integration


I predict this will be taken poorly by many. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


This is kind hilarious in a plot twist sort of way :sweat_smile:.


To bring these experiences to life for our players, Sony Interactive Entertainment has made a minority investment as part of Discord’s Series H round.

Sony is going the Tencent route. Little investment to start a partnership.


I don’t really see why this is a huge deal once Discord decided not to sell. It is nothing more than Sony partnering with them to integrate some into their network, and Discord will more than happily do that with anybody else that wants to do so also as they have done some things with Xbox too (maybe more to come on that front also that will be announced). I don’t think that this is some type of exclusive thing which would go against their plans to stay independent and do an IPO at some point. The odd thing is that the value in it seems far less for a PlayStation player currently without any real PC offering at the level that Xbox has with first party games and Game Pass on PC.


I wonder if it’s similar to what xbox currently is able to do Microsoft and Discord Team Up to Connect Gamers Across Xbox Live and Discord - Xbox Wire


Didn’t know they made this partnership

Seems like a lot of nothing. I suspect though this will be the reason the Xbox deal fell through. There is no real reason for discord to sell lock stock if they can continue to expand their market with more modest equity loss.

Don’t care about Discord as it does nothing for me personally but Sony coming in the back door to get a deal with Discord while they stay independent is well, damn…didn’t see this coming. Oh well.

This could be the same situation. Would surprise me if Sony bring a rival communication platform to their console.

Our goal is to bring the Discord and PlayStation experiences closer together on console and mobile starting early next year, allowing friends, groups, and communities to hang out, have fun, and communicate more easily while playing games together.

Does this really mean Discord on console or to able to interact with console players via Discord pc login with a PSN account ?

Series H, minority stake. I don’t think they would have paid much.

I love everyone reacting as if Sony has bought Discord. I won’t be surprised to see similar partnership with Xbox too.

The optics are fun, though.


Agreed lol. Optics look weird but dont really care personally.

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Man, does this mean my hopes for Discord as a cross-chat platform between Xbox and PS are dead? Would love to have a chat solution for cross-play games that don’t have cross-chat, like Rocket League.

Kojima with MS, Discord with Sony. Shit keeps getting funnier.


I would say that those dreams just got a lot more likely IMO. Discord isn’t doing this because they don’t want to become the default crossplay gaming communications platform. My guess is that Xbox ends up fully integrating Discord also, as they were obviously interested enough to even consider buying them.

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Hopefully we will see full integration between all communities via Discord. I kinda find hilarious that this announcement is coming today tho, as we are getting a lot of negative news from Sony thanks to the Epic v Apple court case.


For a time possibly, but not in the medium term, especially if Discord goes public because they would want as many people using their platform as possible.

Hopefully discord can still come to xbox, it’s pretty good.

Hope this minority stake from Sony doesn’t lock it out from coming to xbox.


That’s suspicious… :thinking:

Why investing in these companies like Discord, Epic, Evo if not to get some benefit ?

That doesn’t sound good for us on Xbox…