Dirt 5 Series X, Image Quality VS Resolution mode?

So I have a Series X and a 4k HDR tv but it does not support 120hz.

For Dirt 5 I have 2 video options, Image Quality and Resolution.

I tried searching around and could not find a good explanation as to what the difference is.

Ideally I’d like 4k with the highest possible image quality features.

So what is the difference between these two modes.

This is something I’m actually looking into. I can tell you if you want a more consistent frame rate, play in resolution mode.

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In image quality mode there are better shadows and draw distance.

Simply checkout the DF review of the game on Xbox series X.

In the preview Image quality had higher settings, but it could drop from native (but according to DF they only found it happening in the flyout before the race). Resolution was also dynamic, but supposedly closer to native all the time.

It seems these options changed from the DF preview. They had modes frame rate vs image quality which is easy to understand.

The options I have is resolution vs image quality which does not make sense

Is image quality mode fixed or dynamic lower resolution and what is the FPS? Does resolution mode have fixed res at lower graphical settings at a higher framerate?

The fact they renamed these modes right before release is kind of confusing