Dirt 5 - Review Thread


Metacritic Xbox One: 84

Metacritic PC 76

OpenCritic 83

Video Reviews

Written Reviews XboxEra - 8.4

God is a Geek - 9

Metro - 7

PCGamer - 6

Attack of the Fanboy - 9

Press Start - 7.5

Twinfinite - 8


Seems like decent reviews.

XboxEra - 8.4


Nice, looks fun! Will pick it up when it hits Game Pass.

I didn’t realise this was much more arcade, probably going to pick it up now!

Can’t wait! The dynamic weather of Driveclub was so awesome, and it seems that Dirt 5 is not behind in that aspect. I certainly appreciate the arcade direction they are taking aswell.

Good reviews!

I am not a fan / follower of game scores but this is better than I would have been expected, tbh (console).

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Had a great time reviewing this game :slight_smile: I wasn’t planning to finish the 120+ events of the campaign before review necessarily, but something about its bite-sized adrenaline-packed races kept me engaged for the 20-30 hours I spent on it in 4 days. It may not be the next-gen jawdropper some people anticipated, but it’s a spectacular racer with fun gameplay that kept me going. Maybe the game could have been more ambitious, but at the same time I wish more racers made being fun and exciting their main design focus, and only on top of that add the rest.


The game has just went live on Xbox! I started the first race and it immediately put a smile on my face: the driving feels GREAT!

Actually want this game. For 30€ I will take it :slight_smile:

It’s garbage do not get it.

Very plain arcadey game with no redeeming features. It doesn’t even look nice, i swear i’ve see 360 games with better graphics.

If you want a proper rally game get WRC9 or a fun driving game get Wreckfest where the cars actually feel like they have physics. Definitely FH4 which is far superior if you haven’t already.

This is the worst driving game i’ve played in years.

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I think you were expecting a less arcadey game?

I’m loving Dirt 5. Has a great balance of arcade but not so much it is silly. Handling is spot on and enjoyable. Tracks and cars look awesome nice next gen showcase and really fun to play.

Probably played more of this on my Series X than anything.