DIRT 5 delayed till November 6 / Xbox Series X + PS5 versions later in 2020

Not surprised. IMO the reason we haven’t gotten prices yet is because the consoles will be expensive and MS and Sony want something with a big wow factor to offset the sticker shock. But with development for basically everything seemingly in a shambles that’s probably really difficult right now.

No racing game at launch? Now that is a first for Xbox and a bit disappointing.

Okay okay, i will play Forza Horizon 4 on Series X. At least this is still fun!

Got it preordered along with Cyberpunk 2077, the first few games I’ll have on my series X.

I not sure this means it will ship on series X after launch. They just say later this year. I wonder if this is a strategic move to align with the next gen launches. The series X has been rumoured to be launching on November 6th. I’m sure Microsoft would love to have a good looking racing game launch alongside their new system.

Glad the Series X patch is still coming this year.

I know it’s just phrasing, and they just mean the next gen versions are launching this year still (probably November 6th even). But read the title and thought “Later in 2020? Did we add more months?” which wouldn’t actually surprise me with how this year feels at the moment.

Doesn’t phase me too much since I was planning to buy this game for Series X launch.

Considering the global situation with corona and all they can take all the time they need to make the game as good as it can be. Game looks great btw both visually and gamapley wise, definitely getting this on day one.

More hints at November 6th. I think the correct interpretation here is that they have to announce a date for current gen versions since they need to get pre-orders going but can’t announce XSX launch details yet. CoD did the same thing iirc.

This November 6th date is starting to get a little sus haha, they are marketing partners and I’m sure them pushing the game back to make Series X launch isn’t too much to ask for. But we also could be looking into it too much.

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Hope they fix the issue of terrain deformity on the track. It looks like tires should mess the tracks up but they don’t. Would be nice to fix this.

what was the original release date? i didnt expect this till november anyway

I think ya might be right. CoD is doing exactly this with PS5 likely so Sony can say it’s not an XSX launch game but is a PS5 launch game (or to avoid a week of XSX next gen exclusivity). This could be how MS does the same thing and frames this as an XSX ‘exclusive’ in marketing leading into the release.

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Ooh you have a point there, maybe Sony money hatted the launch for next gen cod lol so the XSX version won’t arrive till it comes out on PS5. If that was the huge moneyhat thing that would just make me laugh because that doesn’t bother me in any way.

I don’t think that’s a big moneyhat. I think that is more a smaller one, i.e. a requirement of their marketing agreement most likely.

This is what I think as well.

The next gen controllers that leaked had stickers on them for retailers not to sell before Nov 6th.

I think this further points towards November 6th being launch day.