Digital Foundry : This is how Xbox Series S backwards compatibility really works


So, as we understand it, existing Xbox titles can be enhanced for both Series S and Series X in different ways - the compatibility team can step in with its own specific type of magic, opening the door to running 30fps games at 60fps and 60fps titles at 120fps. Alternatively, developers now have the tools to see where their existing Xbox One games are running - and if it’s a Series S or Series X machine, aspects like doubling the frame-rate become possible (and perhaps other features could be enabled too) - all without having to ‘port’ their games to the next-gen platform. The extent to which take-up will be there is of crucial importance, of course, but the potential is certainly very exciting and we’re really looking forward to testing this out on both of the new Xbox machines.


What they are doing with the Series S is absolutely incredible! I love the boost in frame-rate!

Really awesome stuff.

Amazing stuff going on here.

  • Auto HDR for Series S and X? Check.

  • Resolution bumps up to 1440p for original Xbox and 360 tiles on Series S? Check

  • x2 Frame rate for selected Xbox One S games on Series S? Check.


That sounds awesome and better than expected. Incredible work again by the BC team.

Awesome, all the naysayers one shotted bad mouthing XSS BC. On XSX it will be even better!

Now let’s compare XSS BC with PS5 BC.


This team deserves tons of credit.

I’m personally really looking forward to any improvements we see with MCC. Anyone hear anything?

Boosted frame rates to 120 FPS will keep me busy until Halo Infinite.

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I have to see Titanfall 1 running on Series S now. I had much joy with that game on my original Xbox One.


If I had a dollar for every “So the Series S is not even as powerful as Xbox One X?!?!?!?” concern post I’ve read online over the past few weeks, I’d have enough for a Series S preorder.

I’m sure there will be just as much hubbub over this good news though. :smiley:


Great stuff.

Backward compatibility team is spetacular, but franly, the entire Xbox development team is fantastic. One S is a wonderful device, One X even better. The team deserves all the praise for both the hardware and the OS advancements.

Does this feature remove the black bars of OG Xbox games ? Oh god please I want to enjoy Morrowind on full screen.

Agreed. The BC for Series S is more impressive than expected and Microsoft should be marketing this and explaining it better.

How can you compare Xbox BC to something that thus far, does not exist? lmao


I wonder in the future would they be able to do auto raytracing like they are doing with HDR?


I honestly think this news will help sell the Series S even more to people who just want a system for older games.

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This console might be the best value at launch in history. Maybe the PS2 at 299.


Imagine them lowering it a bit more… At 249.

Great news! the BC team is amazingly good! Can’t wait to see what’s new and improved with the BC on the Series X.

Hopefully we’ll get a new video or a new event soon explaining and showcasing those things.

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Yep a video backing up everything they said would be welcome indeed

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What a beast.

BC Team :green_heart: