Digital Foundry: The Ultimate PS4 Pro: 8TB SSD Upgrade - Can We Fix Loading Times And Texture Pop-In?

Between The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 we’ve seen some exceptional loading screens on PS4 owing to its mechanical HDD. Equally games like Final Fantasy 7 Remake have clear pop-in issues with Pro’s default media. Enter the Samsung QVO 870 8TB SSD - a pricy solid state drive that far exceeds the cost of PS4 Pro, but gives it its most optimal chance of solving issues in loading and streaming. Swapped for the standard drive, can this SSD deliver a satisfying upgrade? And how about being used externally via USB? Rich finds out.

Lol no interest at all?

I was gonna check it out, but I’ve been too busy with the forum so I’ll check it out tomorrow.

Saw this on my Twitter feed and I may watch it at another date. Doesn’t really interest me but their tech side is for sure interesting.

I guess its ground thats already been trod on. Its quite interesting to think how well external sata SSDs will perform on next gen consoles, I wonder if external usb ssds will get the same io improvements.

External USB speeds is something I would like to know also. Im also curious on the $ for the external 1TB SSD for the XSX. Im guessing $100 honestly lol

$100 is probably a safe bet. Could even be more actually

We can answer that now to some extent as external ssds are available now.

This Samsung is on offer at £125.99

Honestly, it was a pretty boring video that I only made it halfway through. I normally love their stuff but this one just didn’t grab me.

Was too busy at work to watch a video but just got done with it. Really interesting and exciting results when you consider how these games will run on next gen systems with faster hard drives.