Digital Foundry: Hot chips 2020 XsX silicon breakdown


Is it wrong to assume that XSX has 52*4 = 208 RT cores?

And then if multiply 208 RT cores with there frequency of 1.825 GHz i.e,

208*1.825=379.6 ~ 380

This calculation is equal to what RT performance is mentioned for XSX.

Will it be wrong to apply the above formula for the 2080ti’s 68 RT cores running at 1.545GHz max frequency reported by nvidia as well?


68*1.545= 105

The 208 are not RT cores,they are TMU’s (Texture Mapping Units),the 2080 Ti has 272 TMU’s,the Xbox x has no RT cores,the 2080ti has 68 RT Cores and 544 Tensor cores.