Digital Foundry has a Series S video up

Apparently, they knew about it 6 months ago :open_mouth:.


Man, it’s no surprise that they saw the Series S that long ago being perfectly honest, but they way they’ve talked about the Series S recently make me really think they had no idea if it was 100% true or not.

The sneaky motherf’ers, bravo.

Looking forward to watching this after the Ubi forward event.

Any early thoughts?


They obviously knew about it for 6 months :sweat_smile:. As I have said previously, when they went up to Seattle for the Series X it made no sense to only show that and not the other console.


before anyone starts, they DO NOT confirm that the series s plays Xbox one x version of games through backwards compatibility.

They are JUST speculating.

They’re both impressed with the form factor & they both have some trepidations (more so Rich than John it seems) when it comes to the power disparity between the S & X.

EDIT: Rich brings up a real good point that Microsoft is trying to entice the average buyer right off the bat instead of just going after the core audience in hopes that they will be early adopters.


I have not watched the video yet but my main trepidation is memory bandwidth for Series S. I would have liked it in the high 200s or low 300s like the One X. The power differational, if you think about it, is actually less than the One X compared to the One S, so that’s not really a concern atm when you consider the Series X is supposed to run the Series S games but at a much higher resolution, just as we have now.

In regards to your edit, this is the exact same point I have made. Usually the console manufacturer entices the more casual consumer a couple of years into the generation with a newer model that allows them to cut the price. What Microsoft is doing with the Series S is going after t that market from the off, as Richard has pointed out.

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If you think about it, the Series S is kind of brilliant & strikes me as a very Nintendo-esque move.

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Im honestly getting annoyed by this “i have concerns SeriesS may hold next gen back” kinda talk.

When we look at games like Witcher 3 and doom on the switch it is evident that games scale extremely well, and to put things into perspective the SeriesS is like if the switch had 8 jaguar cores, 88gb/s ram and VRS, Direct ML A.i image reconstruction.

Also regarding the seriesS bandwidth, it is actually 280gb/s but 56gb are for the OS.

I imagine the PS5 also require a similar amount of bandwidth for its OS, so games om PS5 will be allocated 392gb/s


Only because it’s Microsoft doing it. If it was Sony, there wouldn’t be any type of concern.

PS4 2013/PS4 Pro … Xbox One 2013/Xbox One S/Xbox One X.

Everyone that bitches about this shit are well, morons because it’s already been happening for the last 4 and 3 years respectively and even longer on PC. When I see people say this, I can’t take them seriously.

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Whats making the rounds now that needs to get addressed is how Xbox Series S handles Xbox One X enhanced backwards comp content. Already seen morons saying the One X is a better box than Series S because of that.

Goalposts moving. What’s next after that? The color of the console being too white and hurting the eyes?


100% sure the backwards comp team knows what to do lmao.

Great video from DF! I am so curious for their game breakdowns later in November…

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You know secretly they are delighted we are getting pretty varied consoles as it makes their breakdowns more interesting lol.

As always great content.

I really like DF videos, but there’s a lot of assumed knowledge and I’m terrible at remembering what does what and how all the hardware works together. My brain just kinda defaults to “Plastic box go brrrrr” no matter how many times @TheScarecrow101 very patiently explains it to me.

Can someone please do a little ELI5 on the basics of the Series S hardware so I can understand what Rich is talking about before I watch the video?

Seeing lots of concern from devs who don’t have dev kits yet… >.>

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Yeah ive seen them to, devs from ID software and one from infinity ward are worried about tge ram, the thing is it looks like there saying this as if they dont know and presuming these things based on on paper specs. Im sure once they get there hands on the hardware all will be fine, the 1X had about 45% more ram and was not an issue for the other consoles.

I’m talking to the random dev who went batshit nuts about it now in the twitter thread and seems I’ve got him calmed down a bit, lol. He is not nearly as angry about it atm after I’ve been pressing him for a bit as he was.

To be fair I do feel the Series S could have done with 2GB of more RAM to really make the scability from Series X to S as smooth as possible due to the fact the 4 extra GB of the Series X would be eaten by the 4K frame buffer and higher resolution textures.

However, overall this coming gen is not providing anywhere near the increase in RAM we got this gen. Stuff like SFS will certainly help and SSDs mean developers don’t have to hold as much in RAM as a streaming buffer essentially, but we are not going to have the dramatic increase in animation, world density etc that we got this gen regardless of the Series S.