Digital Foundry | Demon's Souls Remake: Gameplay Trailer Tech Breakdown + First Next-Gen Frame-Rate Analysis (1440p/60 FPS)

The game is running at 1440p and 60 FPS with some dips. This just makes you realize that Series S is a serious competitor.

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Games running at 1440p actually makes me more worried for the XSS since that means they’d be sub-1080p on it.

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Yeah got to say this is my reaction. Hmmm.

Also frame dips and screen tearing,…if this was an Xbox Series game the internet would be in full meme meltdown…


1080p 30fps. the ps5 game is running at 60fps

It’s not a serious competitor for people who prefer Playstation exclusives.

Yeah but MS have promised the S will run just like the X but at lower resolution. If you have to make compromises on framerate and effects too it feels a bit different to how it was promised. The worry has always been if games later in gen were 1440p on series X what then…and this is a launch game on PS5 at 1440p 60…

It does raise questions about the series S and MS claims about it.

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Won’t happen, they made this machine to target a specific resolution and frame rate using RDNA 2 features.

I think a lot of people are going to be surprised when games start producing on this machine.

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That target aasumes a 4k target on XSX

I’m surprised the performance mode runs at 1440p. I originally thought it would disable RT to hit 60fps but it looks like they are keeping RT on while lowering the resolution.

Frame rates should be fine but effects will be effected on the Series S. Lower resolution shadows, volumetric lighting, and such are expected. I also wouldn’t be surprised if we saw games with RT disabled on the Series S.

If a game is targeting 1440p on high end systems, I think we’d be looking at 720p on the Series S.

I can see RT features being disabled on the S since it will be an easier route for developers to take to claw back a lot of performance if the need arrives. Shadows will definitely be getting pared back on the S as well since in my experience on PC that is the one setting that tends to have the greatest impact on performance.

Why? It’d just be lower than 1080p on XSS in that case. Nobody would care or likely notice since XSS owners are using 1080p TV’s and aren’t the hardcore tech geeks looking for pixel counts.

There would be no need to disable RT on XSS. Just lower frame res and texture res and you’re done. Lowering res also automatically lowers RT needs (RT utilization and pixel count scales together). No need to adjust framerate either. Just go under 1080p and it should be fine. XSS owners wouldn’t notice or care.

On XSS it would be a 1440p 30fps quality mode and a 1080 60fps performance mode.

Maybe VRS or slightly lower settings may be needed.

PS5 holding next gen back?


Its odd how digital foundry treat this game like just another game. For a next gen game the improvements are small aside from better textures and more environment detail it does not look unlike a PS4 game. I would not be surprised if this game does end up on the PS4.


Yup, that’s where my money us at, too. I think Demon’s Souls remake will end up on PS4, it’s just unpopular within Sony to advertise it as such right now.


Oh my :open_mouth: XSS has same or better performing CPU.

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Not so sure on that when RT performance is directly related to the number of CUs in the GPU. When developers will already be scaling down the graphics for standard rasterization, I’m not sure there will be much more headroom for RT.

I guess, if ML takes off on the platform, that could be a way to keep RT and earn back some performance, but outside of the GPU impact, RT also has a huge impact on memory as well.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens, but people should be expecting some pretty big cuts to the S versions.

RT performance is measured in rays per pixel. More pixels = more performance cost and vice versa. The 20 CU’s in XSS is already accounted for since it targets much lower res than the high end consoles. I dunno why ppl think there would to be other changes made outside texture/res. The entire thing is built around the optimization scheme being the same for basically every game (lower frame/texture res).

ML denoising is a thing, but it’d be used on the high end version of a given game too most likely, and since that scales with TF’s anyhow that would also be accounted for already when being used to denoise fewer pixels.