Digital foundry :Cyberpunk 2077 PS4 and PS4 Pro performance

PS4 Dynamic 720 - 900P but spends most of the time at 720p Hardly never holds 30fps, dips to the mid teens somtimes, and 20s while driving, overall performs terrible, like far cry 3 on 360/ps3, even worse actually. It also has streaming stutters and a lotnof time higher res textures do load and its left with like a Dreamcast quality texture.

PRO DYNAMIC 972P -1188P its basically 1080p, still dips to the low 20s in the same problem areas as the og PS4, but holds near 30fps far more.

Might be ok for some, but the last gen consoles are really struggling.


Interesting, I wonder if it 1080P might mean a SLIGHTLY overall better performance (we’re talking 1 FPS) on PS5 using the backcompat because of the unlocked framerate.

If One X is using a higher based rez, and the Series X uses that, it might be a Hitman 2 scenario where the backcompat on PS5 is TECHNICALLY better because it’s not a 4k 60, and maintains better 60FPS as opposed to full 4k 59-60FPS on Hitman 2 Series X version while being higher rez.

That one framerate drop from DF was thrown around everywhere. Hoo boy.

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So that’s why the game looks so blurry…

Most likely, I expect the 1X version to be 1192p - 1440p with it spending the majority of the the time at 1440p, so if PS5 is 1188p and seriesX is 1440p I expect the PS5 will be 1-5fps higher, however 1188p is pretty sucky for a 4k tv.

If the seriesS version has an unlocked framerate ironically it may be the best performing version because of the xbox ones 800-900p cap

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I’m happy that I will be waiting for the next gen upgrade before playing the game im even more happy that im not playing on last gen consoles. No thanks. Cyberpunk 2077 is a classic that is worth waiting for CDPR to release the next gen upgrade.

I suspect that the best way to play this game on console is quality mode on series X. Just a hunch.

Jokes on everyone complaining about DF comparisons:

I was already going to play Valhalla and Cyberpunk on 30FPS Quality Mode anyways!


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Damn this game is really bringing them jaguars to their knees lol

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Valhalla in 30fps is just ugly though, I just can’t do it. Whereas Witcher 3 in resolution mode is perfectly playable, really smooth, fluid 30fps.

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Never started it though, so I wouldn’t know what 60FPS Valhalla would look like.

I found John’s point interesting that this game harkens back to the latter days of Xbox 360 and PS3 where games were really pushing against the seams of what was considered acceptable performance. A lot of those games were low-FPS, screen tearing messes at that time but we had different standards of what we’d accept on console.


This. Vast majority of people who are not on online forums and watching DF videos could care less. They just want to play the game.

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Im surprised that people are surprised by last gen systems terrible performance, to me it was obvious that cdpred wanted to push the boat out beyond what the x1/ps4 can do. Im dont think it’s a big issue, people should not expect good performance on 7yr old hardware.


They just need to get the next-gen versions out asap. Then no one will remember the Xbox One/PS4 problems. Who today judges GTA5 by its 360 release?



Yeah, I’m going to have to wait for the next-gen patches. This game has problems on a really nice PC, much less the last generation consoles

Man, this game is hilariously buggy, they should have pushed this back 6 months.