Diablo IV's 'Vessel of Hatred' Expansion Set for Late 2024 Release

Originally published at: https://xboxera.com/2023/11/06/diablo-ivs-vessel-of-hatred-expansion-set-for-late-2024-release/

Developer Blizzard Entertainment announced during its BlizzCon 2023 conference that a new expansion for it’s recently released ‘Diablo IV’, dubbed “Vessel of Hatred”, will launch in the late stage of 2024. Not much is currently known about this upcoming expansion, but per Community Director Adam Fletcher, more information will be released next summer.

Vessel of Hatred is coming out in late 2024, and we’ll actually have more news next summer about Diablo 4’s first expansion!

Community Director Adam Fletcher (Wowhead.com)

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There will be no salvation in the light.

The #VesselofHatred expansion comes to #DiabloIV in late 2024 🐺 pic.twitter.com/OQQ3ZZU9HU

— Diablo (@Diablo) November 3, 2023


I uninstalled the game after finishing the campaign and doing nightmare dungeons till my Rogue was lvl 58.

The seasonal content hasn’t really made me want to go back and create a new character. Maybe an expansion will, we will see.

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Vessel of hatred, thats what i like to call my ex wife, in fact i have been driving past her house in my 01’ honda civic yelling it with a megaphone.