Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 delayed, now 2023 games

Heres the question: Will they ever come out or will they be continuously shuffled around amid the hurricane of staff coming and leaving blizzard


Very apt question. I was thinking along the same lines.

In my opinion, Activision became a Cod vehicle of yearly releases just so Bobby Kotick can go on his exotic vacation.


I dont think overwatch is going to survive that long without any new content . Its already been 2 years since they added a new hero .

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I can understand the delay of Diablo 4 somehow, but Overwatch is a live service game that is now almost two years without any new content. They put all resources into OW2 and where does that leave OW1? So dumb on their side.

Also, OW esports are now fucked too, cause Overwatch League for next season planned to be played on an early build of OW2, and all teams readjusted roasters to be 5vs5. And now what? Even if the League plays all matches on OW2 (which I doubt), your audience wouldn’t be able to follow that and have the same experience.


Im going to say the magic words that make sense here -

“I’m concerned for Activision-Blizzard.”

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Overwatch 2 was unveiled in 2019. It’s not even a huge project in terms of content scope. No idea what’s happened there but 2022 seemed ridiculous enough and now might not even hit that.

Feeling it’s never going to see the light of day.

The downfall of Blizzard is something else. Can anyone give a summary?

I mean, whenever 2 comes out, people will be back to check it out. Don’t let cynical internet commentators fool you into thinking anything differently. And at that point, it’ll sustain or fall based on its own merits. There is zero concern about lack of initial interest.

That being said, this is all awful.

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I just saw that they were delayed, but then seeing 2023 made it a different equation.

2023 is a big gap for someone else to easily fill it.

Hopefully, they will get their groove back.

Edit - TNW and FF14 being safe havens for WoW folks as Jez frames it

Always expected Diablo 4 for 2023.

How Activision have botched Overwatch is beyond me. Even in its peak early years the content support was lacking even compared to stuff like Siege.

Yeah, the worst thing were balance changes. For months they were off or without updates. You can survive without frequently having new heroes and maps, but slow balance changes is something that they ruined the most.

I can say that new skins were mostly on time and well executed.

don’t know how Blizz will climb out of this hole

rumoured to be '21 before the pandemic, tentative late '22 at the earliest by what Blizz said

No interest in Overwatch 2 but very much looking forward to Diablo IV in 2023. Been all in since they showed gameplay earlier this year. Since I will have around a 20 game year for 2022, let them take their time.

If overwatch has a fully fledged single player I’ll check it out when it’s cheap. But yeah no interest in multiplayer games.

Diablo iv I’ll keep my eye on. Has potential. Just more addictive gameplay and less shitty money auctions

Yeah, agreed. The gameplay won me over. I played Diablo 3 for like 10 hours but once I saw Diablo IV, I was like, I’ll just wait.

Diablo 4 nooooooooooooo!