Developer Deep Dives are good! Xbox keep doing this! - Sincerely, The Players

Just got around to seeing the deep dive video and This is the kind of thing xbox needs to do for all their games. This is what Sony/Nintendo does to great effect (like Demon Souls today) and it not only helps sell the game but you get a behind the scenes look with the developers and what they think.

Please keep producing this kind of stuff and I hope we see something like this for Halo.

Video below for reference


Holy shit…that’s the longest topic title that I have ever seen. LMAO.

But I do agree. I have said since earlier this year that Microsoft should have their equivalent of what Sony does for it’s games. There was a State of Play 20 minute video for TLOUP2 and Tsushima.

That is exactly what Microsoft should do. AC Valhalla was a good start. But they should do that with Gears Tactics and other games in the future. It works and most importantly, contains what everyone wants to see - GAMEPLAY.


Fuck me. What a title.

I agree. An Xbox version of state of play would be fantastic.


Yes! Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!


Another exampke of a format I wouldn’t mind Xbox following the competition in is today’s State of Play of Demon’s Souls. Imagine getting that for Fable, Avowed and so on.

I fully expect Todd to give us a deep dive (Ala Fallout 4)into Starfield. That I can’t wait to see.

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Can someone provide a link pls ? Great title btw. I thought it was the first paragraph. It could be both now that I think of it.

Kinda long title I know sorry!

Agreed. Should be had for every game going forward from xbox teams.


Changed up the title after nearly having an aneurysm… hopefully it’s a bit better lol.

On topic, this was great and really should be the standard for follow-ups to showcases/conferences. Personally, for E3 and the like, I like 2-5 minute trailers (gameplay or otherwise) so you get hyped and are made aware of what’s coming. Use Inside Xbox and uploaded vids like this to do deep dives after the fact.

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Haha its fine. Originally posted it on reddit and just copied the title here.

Next time, be daring and go for the character limit!!! LOL.

Like seriously we really need one for halo infinite

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Yes, absolutely!

Think of the potential next year. If they can truly get Starfield out next year, which isn’t out of the realm of possibility, we’ll get a deep dive into Starfield. Todd Howard’s deep dive of Fallout 4 during that E3 was so damn good. I was glued to my screen and just loving it. And when he announced the release date I cheered out loud.

What’s more, according to Sponger on another forum Avowed has been in development for a few years now, could we maybe get a deep dive or first look at E3 on that game? That would be something, two incredibly huge RPGs at the Xbox show.

Honestly, even though Halo disappointed me in so many ways, they did have the right way of presenting it at the July show earlier this year. Xbox used to have them too at E3, Halo 4, Halo 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider and so on. The only way of really presenting a game.

I don’t think anyone can say they prefer CG or cinematic trailers over a first look or deep dive. :slight_smile: