Destiny addicts of XboxEra, how do you manage your time with GamePass titles?

Destiny is easily my most played game of all time and with annual expansions, and quarterly seasons it’s a non stop grind, almost like a full time job.

How do you manage your destiny time with the endless titles you want to try on GamePass?

Personally I stop playing a season now once I hit 100 on the season pass, finish the exotic quest and get the new exotics of the season, including raid/dungeon exotics. I no longer bother with triumphs or getting all the seasonal challenges done, and I no longer bother with catalysts for exotics I don’t use.

With lightfall they will also no longer be increasing the power cap as mentioned in a previous TWAB so there will be less time power grinding now in future seasons !

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Paging @AustinFordGames

I didn’t click with Destiny, so thankfully I don’t have to worry about it.

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I tried so hard to get into destiny. The gunolay is gold standard and so was the game before vaulting. My 2 reasons for dropping was having to treat it like a job and the community having nothing good to say

Oh man, it’s definitely tough lol

The nice thing is that, when the expansion content starts to bubble down a bit and it’s just the seasonal stuff happening week to week, I feel far less dedicated to playing every day. I get in on Tuesday and knock out the seasonal stuff and then immediately break off into the other games I’m trying to play.

While the seasonal model has gotten a bit trite, I enjoy knowing that I don’t have to spend 80 hours a week in the game to feel like I’m getting everything out of it at that point.

If you play Destiny all year round then the answer is you can’t manage your time properly because they keep putting more seasonal content per expansion. So I decided after Shadowkeep that I wont be playing any seasonal content after the main expansion story and raid. It’s too much time and effort for me who doesn’t have any major responsibilities being a college student. So I can’t imagine a working adult who has to worry about kids, work, mortgage etc.

Easy. I quit when they started to remove content.

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I play a lot of Destiny but I take long breaks. I play for a couple of weeks when expansions drop, and then I usually come back during holiday events (Dawning, FOTL etc.) to play those and binge that season’s story content.

I can’t play it daily for weeks and weeks anymore, and the long breaks give me time to play other things.

Highly doubt you played the content that was removed anyways, besides the raids