Destiny 2 Series X|S update comes out Dec 8th (X-4K60|S-1080p60)


So if you play this Nov 10th is it a b/c version until Dec 8th?


Nice happy with 4K60!


Disappointed we have to wait until December but at least we know what to expect and when.

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I hoped for Nov 10th, but I am okay with it.

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We cannot really complain due to Covid etc. I do find it interesting that in terms of system utilisation the game should be less taxing on the Series S than the One X.

Happy with the specs! 4k60 with a way bigger FOV is wonderful news. Just hoped it would be at release.

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Will be interesting to see how all the versions compare, desitiny 2 is quite the demanding game on PC. Im guessing the settings will be a mix of high and medium.

Is it? I always thought the game is quite well optimised and you can get the game running at 1080 60 for example on fairly modest hardware. Unless it is the case that if you try and push the pixel count the game get a lot more demanding.

Its a shame this isn’t day one. A real shame.

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Well… I mean its not to easy to max out. At 4k 60fps @ ultra you need a 2080ti. A 5700xt for 4k 60fps you need to turn settings down to high. A 5500xt can do 1080p 60fps @ high no problems.

Its will probably be 4k 60fps with high settings for PS5 + XSX and 1080p 60fps @ high settings for the littleS.

Bungie did parity for destiny 2 on x1 + ps4 but the 1x was double the res of the pro, so it will be interesting to see if theres any differences with AF or ambient occlusion etc

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I thought Destiny 2 was 900p on Xbone and 1080p on pro? (Regarding parity)

All these recent optimized games keep reinforcing the fact that Series S shall be a 1080p 60fps machine, and that’s completely fine. 1440p is simply marketing in the same way 120fps is, which shall be the outlier not the norm. Just sucks that Yakuza Dragon engine is such a mess lol, that 900p 60fps is a bit of a mess, hopefully that sub 1080p shall be only an outlier through the generation even for the worst optimized games.

All these will be Dynamic resolution. And will drop at some point. That’s all.

I really don’t see the issue with 900p on the Series S - it will dip below 1080p as the gen goes on. But it is what it is - its going to run games at a lower res. Its for 1080p TVs. No issue at all with my S and I expect plenty to be below 1080p.

Once games take advantage of RDNA 2 I doubt XSS will drop below 1080p.

You are right. Dirt and gears 5 both are running 1440p at 60. It’s the engine to blame. Not the hardware. The engine comes below the standard expectations.

Once RDNA2 features start getting used, RT and VRS, mesh shaders and ML will balance out and run dynamic 1440p easily.

1440p for series s is not simply marketing. Gears 5 and yakuza provide that option, but not at 60 fps. You can’t get both of these if you don’t want potato graphics. The falconer is even 1800p on the series s. So I guess there’ll be plenty of 1440p/30fps games for series s.

I said this before but I am not sure what people expect when the Series X is at 1440p 60fps. The Series S is significantly less powerful, so it has to scale in-line with the Series X.

If you are getting a Series S, you have to accept you are going to compromise on certain aspects in relation to the Series X, but in exchange you are getting a system that is $200 cheaper. In fact the system is the same price as the base consoles lol.