Destiny 2 |OT| The PANTHEON has arrived ! Boss gauntlet!

Any destiny gamers out there on Xbox era ? We should get a clan going to play the best game ever created.

It’s a shame Microsoft didn’t buy this franchise back up along with Bungie

Post your guardian ranks here. I’m a 10.

That’s one take.


I used to play this game a lot, stopped 2 expansions ago. Looking at the current player base it seems like it’s dying and the future of the game is looking grim. Probably one of the worst decisions Sony could have made was buying Bungie.

Really hoping they turn it around with Marathon even though early impressions are not good. As it stands though, I have no reasons to come back to Destiny 2.


I bounced right off the game, because meh - but I have a lot of friends who still play it religously.

I personally just couldn’t get into 1 or 2.

The combat is brilliant but it just become a bit too repetitive and tiresome for me.

I don’t think Phil stopping Destiny is any sign, I remember people commenting online for months after they were acquired that Phil was playing a ‘Sony 1st party game’.

I know many friends who have given up on it in recent months, there’s also many popular streamers/YouTubers that have quit too. All you have to do is quickly search “why I quit Destiny”, “why I regret Destiny” or “why I stopped Destiny” etc.


I hoped off after beyond light. Can’t keep playing because of how time consuming it is. Sucks because it is a great game (every other expansion).

Why has the best live service game constantly to vault payed content into the abyss?


The current MS would have complied with Bungie’s requests (multiplatform treatment) but by timeline it was either Bungie or ABK.

MS decided not to buy them because their operating cost were way too high and they made the right decision in the end.


Yes, that was another reason, but not the only one.

If you actually played the game this is a non issue.

Destiny is a game of checklists of sorts, once you’ve gotten the triumphs/gear you want, you’re done with said activity for good.

The only content that was bad they removed was the raids, as raids are forever repeatable content.

The rest, its fine that it left the game.

It has over 500k unique daily players, it’s not dying. And we are currently in a lul with the longest season ever due to the final shape delay

Yes but makes it impossible for new players - I had played up to the death of Cayde, then tried to get back into it a year or so ago.

So much of the early campaign stuff is gone, the story is mostly incomprehensible for new / lapsed players and I probably wouldn’t have retried it if it hadn’t been on Game Pass as I was pissed they sunsetted a lot of DLC content I’d bought in favour of newer DLCs I hadn’t.

Bounced off it again, doesn’t help everyone in my friend group stopped a few years ago so no one pestering me to play - and to be honest while I like the gunplay I find Halo Infinite better, and Destiny 2 feels like a full time job if you want to keep up…


I’ve never watched a cutscene and never read any dialog, I’m here for the gameplay and addictive grinding loops.

I can understand wanting to play from the beginning but it’s never going to be possible again, even seasons are still removed from the game. But let me tell you, gameplay wise the game has never been in a better state, far better than the early years of destiny.

It’s not a full-time job at all, I stopped playing after lightfall last year and then only started playing again this current season of the wish halfway through, and I was able to catch up on everything in the game and the past 4 seasons in a couple weeks.

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I enjoy Destiny 2 still, for all its problems. Though I have gotten every expansion the past 3 years for free, so that helps.


That’s about the proper price for it… :troll:


Peaks at 50k daily on Steam. Also, apparently has less than a quarters of ore-orders as previous expansions. It’s not doing good at all!


Using steam numbers for a game is not the correct thing to do for a game that has crossplay with PS4,5, Xbox one, Xbox series consoles, windows store and even the epic store, where many dlc were given away recently.

I said this to another troll in the discord but if you used this logic you could say that games such as halo infinite are dead because it has 2k players on steam.

Steam numbers are only useful if the game is only on steam.

I played Destiny 2 when it went free to play years ago but just couldn’t get into it at all especially since it’s not friendly to newcomers at all. The only live service games I play is The Division 2 and expeditions in Outriders but even then, it’s just here and there.

I’m mainly waiting for Once Human, The First Descendant and to a lesser extent, Blue Protocol. And still waiting for The Division: Heartland.


The new game experience has been improved with the launch of lightfall, so you should try destiny again. It’s objectively better than the other games you’ve listed and like you said it’s f2p, there’s no risk in trying it again.

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