This is my reimagining of Desolation.

I’ve added fences to divide the top and bottom of the levels in different ways and it creates a new map flow that works great in Infinite.

Multiple Grapple and Repulsor spawns allow players movement from bottom to top or around the dividers in new ways.

Map features full Bot support and all Core gametypes.

This is first public release, so I’m actively seeking any community input and suggestions, I feel That thematically I’m in a good place, but the colors and lighting can always be tweaked and more detail be added if if it feels less than.

If any level detail artists would like to hop on and throw a bunch of rubble and wires and non-gameplay affecting pieces please let me know. If you believe you can improve the map, I would love to hear your ideas and possibly work together.

Quick and dirty Flythrough

Better video to come soon


Update 1pm 12/5/22

Wow… Apparently I originally published an old version :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::person_facepalming:t2:

As some of you may know the file management system is a bit buggy, I apologize to anyone who may have grabbed the incorrect version. It should now be updated properly