Deliver Us Mars |OT| The Martian On A Budget


Gameplay trailer

Story trailer

I finished it this weekend, not really knowing what I was getting into, and besides the roughness of the gameplay, animations, visuals and cheap design, it was still a great experience because of the story and set of characters.

I hope this studio can finally get some budget and experienced devs because they are talented.


Me too agree that it does feel budget constrained in some areas like the interior locations although big with lots of rooms and details feeling quite empty as there isn’t much to interact with or the addition of the rover sections where you can drive where ever but there is nothing to discover that isn’t the story point.

Having said that thought it was a really good game and story well executed. Had a lot of fun.

Would say it’s advisable to play the first game before you dive into this one otherwise you won’t understand a lot of the plot points.


I got it and played about an hour, so,far so good, looks like lots of environmental puzzles.

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