Deliver Us Mars developer Keoken fires entire staff


This always sucks to hear, having to fire people because they couldn’t find a partner to help publish a game though. Really brings to light the whole, less money being thrown around the industry.

As for the game, I think it’s a puzzle game and not something I generally play.

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Bummer, these games were fun


that sucks

Deliver Us the Moon was rather good. Still have not bought Deliver us Mars, seems like I’m part of the problem.

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Jesus! Man, that sucks, big time.

Really enjoyed Deliver us the Moon. Was the perfect game for me to get me in the mood for Starfield. Even if the wait back then still felt like an eternity, lmao.

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Yeah, that sucks. Deliver Us Mars was great, but it was still a budget game. They had amibitions though and it showed. They were passionate people.

Damn I loved Deliver Us the Moon and Deliver Us Mars - I’ll contribute to the Kickstarter for Deliver Us Home when they do it, as I’d love for the story to be completed and hopefully it’d mean they can bring back some of their staff…

Really sad for everyone who’s been laid off

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I really wish Xbox would reach out to these guys and offer to publish their next game. They’re a talented indie studio who deserve support, and it would also be a great look for them to be seen helping them.

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Unfortunately I haven’t heard of the developer or their games but I just had a a look at Deliver Us Mars and looks great! Shame.