Dead Space Remake |OT| Isaac Clarke worst nightmare⁹

I just got to the end credits of this master piece and wanted to talk about it. I can already say that Dead Space Remake sets the bar for future remakes as it takes the original game and improves it in every way to make it more coherent, better paced and of course, more modern. I played the 2008 game many times and the remake was just an incredible experience as it actually surprised me in a lot of ways, even though it still feels familiar.

One example is that they added secondary objectives that gives you the opportunity to get back to zones you’ve already visited, adding some enemies and surprises so you don’t feel like backtracking. It also adds some layers as it unlocks some hidden rooms and gives more context to the story and what happened inside the USG Ishimura.

And of course, the game is a looker. Performance mode, HDR, VRS : it really transforms the game and gives more depth and details to the intricate hallways of the Planet-cracker class ship.

For me, it’s the best remake in the market and makes me wonder if they will do Dead Space 2 next, because that game is a 10/10 and deserves that same treatment. And with the work they’ve done on the first one, it is pretty logical to go for the next entry right away which is larger in scope and even better storywise in my opinion.

10 minutes of gameplay :


Some screenshots :

Turn off Film grain…


Judging by this (awesome) thread I’d say that Xboxera isn’t a big fan of horror games. :stuck_out_tongue:

I already have the game but the problem is that I don’t own a SX yet and it’s out of stock almost everywhere! hopefully this week I’ll finally find one!

About the DS series, I am a big fan and I was there day one on both DS1 & DS2. In fact I completed Impossible mode on DS1 a few years ago and the game was still amazing even after all those years. Can’t wait to see what Motive has added/changed for the remake!

Also those are some beautiful screenshots! game looks really really nice!

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I almost forgot they were using Frostbite. I thought EA was slowly abandoning it. It really shines with this game. Great tech.

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Horror games are my favorite genre. I just, unfortunately, haven’t had time to start it yet.


Patch is up. I’ll try later.

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did you wait for the patch to try the remake?

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No, I already finished it. And I played with Film grain On… I can’t believe I left it On the whole time !

So yeah, with the last patch, image is cleaner. I can’t say much more than that, because the difference isn’t that obvious to be honest. It’s probably not as big as on PS5, but it’s still noticeable on some of the textures and edges.

I’m waiting on DF to see what the patch has done to the game.


Finally got my copy earlier today! can’t wait to revisit the Ishimura tonight! :skull: :partying_face:


I’m playing in quality mode and it looks sharper with the new patch. Lighting is also way better than performance with help of RT. It’s subtle but worth it.

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To be honest game looks bonkers on both Quality and Performance. The more accurate shadowing from the RTAO is nice but nowhere near the trade-off of giving up the 60fps. This newly realized Ishimura is the most atmospheric and moody setting/location in a horror game since REmake’s Spencer Mansion IMO. Amazing work from Motive with the lighting, particles and the atmospherics (fog is so good in this game).

Also I really appreciate the various improvements to the game in terms of gameplay, game plays as good as DS2 plus the weapons that are not called Plasma Cutter are also so fuckin’ good now. The new things like the peeling system and the whole power allocation thing are genius additions to the game plus the extended lore is very well integrated. I am only on Chapter 5 but if it continues this way DS Remake is easily up there with the REmakes in terms of quality for sure (aka the best of the best).

Looking at DS Remake and REmake 4 (at least from what we’ve seen thus far) make the timid and safe approach of ND and Druckmann with the TLOU1 remake stand out even more.


Quality mode :exploding_head:

Yeah, that game is gorgeous. For me, it’s hard to decide what mode to play.

And I didn’t resist and bought the deluxe edition upgrade. That Venture suit is beautiful.


Game rules. The way the force gun blow all the necromorph’s flesh off makes me giggle like a school girl every time.

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Maritime Horrors profiles the USG Ishimura.