Dead Space remake officially announced; next-gen exclusive

Grubb and the developers already said its kinda both a remake and a reboot.

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I mean for this sort of game its very easy to reboot.

I would still think a HD collection of 1 and 2 would be nice to have as well.

Excited about this announcement. A remake isn’t needed, (a simple 4K, 60fps boost would be enough for the original) however this would be a game where they could go all out in terms of visuals due to it’s contained environments. Next gen game engines seem to be showing a considerable leap when rendering everything in environments with the exception of foliage…for which this game wouldn’t rely on.

Additionally, it’s a chance this franchise makes a full return. Dead Space, Mass Effect and Dragon Age having a proper presence this gen is an exciting proposition.


It’s all good and well, but EA has already announced DA4 and a new Mass Effect and they both went MIA after the announcement, so we’ll see, also I already own the original trilogy, so a simple remake with no new additions is not so hot in my mind, graphics are only one part of the equation.

Yep! this game is gonna look absolutely insane for sure, with small environments and probably being a not so much of a CPU demanding game it could look bonkers in terms of lighting & assets while maintaining 60hz. Can’t wait to see what EA Motive will do with this remake (hopefully they will add some new enemies and environments).

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I mean mass effect trailer was literally to show them and EA will continue the series and that they are still making games after the Anthem debacle. There is a lot of internal pressure at Bioware to deliver DA4 so EA isnt putting them out there to showcase work in progress stutf with the game still 2 years out after it has been rebooted internally.

This is the deal: “political” announcements are the worst, they are always done when the game does not even exist outside the name (or not even that) and these situations often go on until cancellations and/or drama. We’ll see anyway, the sure thing is that EA has announced 3 major games within 2 years far too early.

I mean we can apply this to even Microsoft and a handful of games from last E3. Its a non issue and the only constant is that these are 2 Bioware games thats it.


As someone who played maybe 15 minutes of the original Dead Space on Xbox 360 and didn’t like the character movement or controls whatsoever, im very much looking forward to a remake with more modern controls and movement. So for me, a remake is definitely needed and welcomed.

Yes, you and I had the same experience, the movement and controls made the first game, and therefore the entire series, an instant disregard. If the remake is similar then the series will still be a no go for me.

Agreed. I hope that doesn’t end up being the case though. Hoping for a REmake2 style camera/control/movement.

I think the wrong expectations are being anticipated as to what kind of control/movement will come. Thats like half of Dead Space.

I mean there are tons of game with great controls, so if the remake still has controls that I think are terrible, it’s no big deal, it’s simply won’t be game for me.

Dead Space has terrible controls? wat? that’s a new one…game plays amazing even today. Terrible controls (at least for me) are laggy and/or unresponsive and DS controls are neither of those, in fact the controls are precise and feel great. :man_shrugging:

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Pretty hyped about this. Dead Space is an amazing game.

Dead Space video by GamingBolt TLDW

  • Ground up remake

Reimagining the original game , rather than sticking to it faithfully. Similar to RERemakes. So this means assets and animations are completely remade.

Level design will get tweaked here and there. Particularly in instances where the original game had to make changes that were forced by technological constraints.

  • Gameplay improvements

it will make use of gameplay elements from the sequels. One is zero gravity from DS2 and this will be improved.

Dismemberment will be even more crucial to the combat mechanics.

  • Story improvements.

Larger story beats will remain the same, but they are also flushing it out in ways that connect to the sequels and other cross media spin offs and adaptations better. They are putting more meat on the story’s bones.

Dev says:

There are some improvements that we want to make to that story. And not necessarily improvements because those things were not really working in the original, more improvements because of what came after, and we’re like “aw man, that’s interesting if we could reference that, or if we could make a link to that.”

  • Audio design

A great deal of focus is being put on this. On top of all the amazing audio DS has to this day they have improvements and 3D audio.

  • Immersion improvements

zero loading times due to SSD. One seamless experience.

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That all sounds great.

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