David Lowery’s: The Green Knight

The Green Knight’s release is finally near and I cannot describe how excited I am for this movie. Growing up, I remember reading the translated manuscript in English Lit (I was also a de facto Arthurian-legend nerd) and being taken by the flawed character of Gawain, and the implications of his transgressions in medieval England. So much of Arthurian film focuses on Arthur, Guinevere, and Lancelot, so when A24 and David Lowery signed on to make an epic film of the poem, I was already sold. After seeing the latest trailer, my expectations have raised immensely. The cast is beyond stellar: Dev Patel as Gawain, Sean Harris as Arthur, Katie Dickie as Guinevere, Alicia Vikander, Joel Edgerton, Erin Kellyman, Ralph Ineson… I could go on, this cast is absolutely stunning.

A24’s output has largely been spectacular and their foray into epic fantasy seems to be following that trend. Perhaps it’s a combination of perfectly cut scenes paired with an incredible track “Lapse” by Black Math, but the trailer oozes such atmosphere it’s palpable. Anyone looking forward to this as much as I am?


This is legit the first movie I plan to see in theaters. The first trailer had me excited already and this one has me foaming at the mouth.

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I think A Quiet Place 2 will be the first I see, now that my wife and I are vaccinated, since it releases around my birthday. That said, I’ll be seeing this the first day of release; I’m glad to see at least one other in our lovely community as excited as I am. Also, is Ralph not the best voice for The Green Knight?

Side note, some of our theaters appear to be set up for social distanced viewing for the foreseeable future and it makes me feel a bit safer to return to the movies as often as possible. It’s one of those weekly experiences my wife and I always looked forward to, and while we’ve gotten a nice home theater set up during quarantine, there’s something special about getting away from the cats and getting movie popcorn. The last movie we saw in theaters was 1917… which was an incredible movie by all rights, but my memory of it is more the post-ending breakdown I had in theaters (the movie hit a little too close to home).

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My last movie was Sonic the Hedgehog lol. But that’s pretty cool that your theater has some social distancing rules in place. My theaters just opened back up and immediately went full capacity.

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I miss so much movie scuttlebut being stuck in Bumblefuck Germany, and my filmy friends being off filming at all time zones and never being able to speak.

I was mega into Arthurian Legend when I was younger, and my daughter has just started watching some insipid cartoon about it on TV and was astonished when I was answering questions last night. Its fun to blow kids minds… “But, but…how do you know that? Have you watched this? But how?”

I am extremely excited to see this now, and I have not been excited for a film for a while.

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I too grew up watching loads of Arthurian Legend stuff, there were only 3 TV channels in the UK until 1982 when it went up to 4!.

I remember visiting Glastonbury Abbey where the monks claim King Arthur was buried as a child and being very impressed.

As a side note Sean Harris regularly drinks in my local Pub.

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ooo Glastonbury Abbey is lovely.

Apropos such places a couple of days wandering Stonehenge, Avebury and the Longbarrow nearby… Kennet Longbarrow? Is a beautiful way to spend some free time. Even if Stonehenge is mega expensive now and you get hassle to join the national trust every 2 mins :smiley:

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I visited them both in 1980. Things have changed a bit since. A friend of mines brother lives right next to Glastonbury Abbey.

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Last time I went, we went up Glastonbury Tor early for the sunrise and I got some great pictures before losing the memory card. :frowning:

Beautiful part of the world, and very “spooky choir singing”

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I climbed up there as well.


Gods… I think I’ve told you before but after a stint in BCMB - Virology, I went back to school to complete a degree in Anthropology, so human history is my jam. I’ve been itching to get back to Europe for years… it’s been twenty years since I got to see my Da’s hometown (Cork) and romp around Germany and France for a bit. Glastonbury Abbey has been on my to-go list for years now and I’m hoping to take my wife one day; maybe we can have an XboxEra meetup :slight_smile:

As for Sean Harris… I’m jealous. He’s a great actor and in interviews seems like he’s a good dude (hopefully there aren’t any skeletons I’m not aware of)…

Glastonbury is along way from where I live but we can definitely meet up somewhere when you turn up over here.

There are some cool castles near me.

Sean Harris is fine to my knowledge. He grew up around here. I generally get a friendly Nod from him when I see him in the pub.

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Here’s a wonderful breakdown of The Green Knight for those that aren’t familiar. Ralph Ineson narrates the exposition (the “Green Knight” himself) and it’s masterfully summarized.

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Soooooooo excited to see thus bumped. Going to watch this with my daughter. She found a kids animation about Arthur so she is mad for arthurian legend

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Oh did she find the old KA and the Knights of Justice cartoon?

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