Dall E 2 made 9 N3: Ninety-Nine Nights covers

I made Dall E 2 do nine AI generated game covers and now I want Microsoft to reboot the franchise or create a spiritual successor. Look at the awesome art and can’t tell me how cool of a franchise it could be!


Is there a public link to Dall-e 2?

I only know how to access dall-e mini

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Tell it to do a Forza Motorsport Warriors (Musou) cover.

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Remove the (musou), its about being a meme spin off of the Dynasty Warriors series.

It’s one underrate game I love so I thought I’d show love to the game. I even did one for Soulcalibur VI which made some really cool fonts and title designs, but the art was lacking. If you guys can get the invite I’d love to see some Dall E 2 art of Xbox games or characters it creates.

GamepadX you have to get an invite and luckily I got accepted. I have such a blast using the AI. I wanted to do other Xbox games, but sadly due to the rules you can’t upload or use text prompt with guns in it. You also are not allowed to do politics, real faces, or names of people. I would love to see what it would do with Gears of War or Halo 3. If only they didn’t have a lancer and assault rifle respectively.


I did Lost Odyssey cover

And this is Fable’s cover.

I played so much of the first game on my 360, really thought it was a great game for its time, but never tried the sequel though. Wonder if Tetsuya Mizuguchi would be up to make another one?