Cyberpunk : Playstation gameplay

So after we had gameplay of Xbox One X and Xbox Series X we now have PS4 Pro and PS5 footage.

Just like the footage last week it’s sadly not in 4K, even though stupid YouTube shows the 4K icon.


AYO where the marketing deal ? lmao i feel xbox didn’t benefit from this deal

CDPR last week in the stream said PS footage was coming too.

And if I’m not mistaken I think they did the same with Witcher 3 back then. They showed both consoles.


yeah but they benefited from the Witcher 3, but CP 2077 ? nope most of their trailers on for PC lol and this is the only month when they released trailer for xbox

Don’t know about anyone else but I will be waiting until CDPR releases their next gen upgrade in 2021 before playing.

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I wanted to, but we have no idea how long we’ll be waiting for the patch and I already know I won’t be able to wait. The big question is though…switch between AC Valhalla and Cyberpunk, will that work? :slight_smile:


Now I might be completely wrong but to me the footage last week on Xbox looks better than this. Perhaps I’m just imagining…

I also note for PS5 they state via BC but that wasn’t on the series X footage last week. Is it possible that CDPR are doing a little more on series X - whilst a full patch will be next year that they are perhaps enhancing it a little more?

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You could be right, because it is BC after all and that means it takes the One X resolution which undoubtedly will be higher than PS4 Pro.

As for the other thing, that’s interesting. They indeed didn’t mention BC last week when it was about Xbox footage. Hey, I will be the last one to complain if they did give the Xbox Series X version a little extra. :wink:

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I would suggest completing Valhalla first and then go to Cyberpunk 2077 because most people usually don’t go back to the previous game once they’re playing the new game.

Guessing it’s a matter of being Gen9Aware on XSX but just being a PS4 Pro game on PS5.

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Valhalla is crazy long though and I will want to collect everything there is. Nah, I’m stubborn when it comes to those things. I’m just gonna buy it, haha. I’m gonna try to switch between the two even though I too am of the opinion that this never works out…two open world games. Ah well.

As for which version being the better, one thing is for certain…XSX won’t fall behind here, it’s BC. Unless CDPR went for resolution first on One X, in that case performance could take a hit. This was a thing with One X and devs, prioritizing resolution and then framerate suffering slightly.

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The Series X version did not say backwards compat so maybe we will be getting some extras before the the official next gen patch.

I do know, the Series X version looks better.

Dont think its getting any time of enhancements beyond the hardware one of the Series X.

If Stadia runs at 60fps it maybe the version I buy.

I watched the XSX footage last week, but I don’t really see much of a difference. In which parts/aspects do you see it? :slight_smile:

Same. I have lots to play now so I’m in no rush. It’ll go in sale by then, I’m not letting FOMO dictate my purchasing on this.

Seemed a bit smoother, and the lighting looked a bit better.

Looks good. Isnt it just BC on the seriesX|S + PS5? I wonder if they will use a dynamic or fixed resolution + fps.

Kinda worried about performance of this game on last gen but we’ll see.

Will this game be 30fps at launch?

Should be possible to add further enhancements on Xbox at least. Just like Star Wars Squadrons. PS5 requires a seperate SKU so I could maaybe see them adding some enhancements on XSX that aren’t present in PS5.