Cyberpunk 2077: Xbox Series X live stream🔥

Going live in less then 15 minutes.



I was eating my pizza, threw on Youtube on the TV and I saw this channel called LegacyKillaHD with the stream and I thought “wtf”, out of nowhere too.

Them comfortably showing it off (and as they said closer to release they would) on Xbox is hopefully a indication it’s really coming in December.


Really hoping they give a more accurate timeframe for the next gen upgrade and reveal what their post launch expansions will be.

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60 fps mode or nahh?

I wonder what it looks like on the base consoles. I also hope they give us an option to unlock framerate for the Series X.

I couldn’t tell tbh.

I did not watch it, on the go rn. Thats why I ask :smiley:

Way below 30fps on one x…

Looked to have framepacing issues on series x

Imo does not look NEARLY as good as previous footage ugh

Oh well - next gen patch next year

Probably why they keep delaying it. I have faith they will be able to polish it in time…or else we are probably looking at another delay :grinning: :frowning_face:

Youtube version of the gameplay:


Waiting for the X|S patch it is.

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Wait for the next-gen patch. Plenty to play in the meantime

I saw the stutters on both versions too. Reminded me of how Witcher 3 launched with the micro stutters when you panned the camera. If it’s frame pacing or a unlocked framerate maybe VRR can make short work of that.

Now let’s see if they really hit december release. The lady did mention the release date a few times.

Also, is the YouTube version only in 1080p for you guys too? The 4k icon is there before I click the video but I can’t select 4k at all.

Looks absolutely amazing. Can’t wait. Anyone who says this doesn’t look good, probably shouldn’t be playing video games.

So for now, the Series X version is just the One X version running in BC. Still lools great though. But I’m learning towards just waiting for the next-gen patch next year.

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Can’t wait to get lost in Night City! I’ll play it on release day and play it again when the next gen patch is out.

Looks great cant wait for release gonna play it then play again when that upgrade hits

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If only CDPR could tell us when that patch is going to drop… I can wait until spring. But I am not waiting if it is summer.

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