Cult of the Lamb releases a new gameplay feature trailer titled "Sermons from the Lamb: Starting Your Cult!"

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Publisher Devolver Digital has released a new trailer showcasing the gameplay systems of their upcoming release, Cult of the Lamb. Growing your cult, making them happy, and purging the non-believers is shown with a mix of cutesy art, horrifying blood, and nice lighting! The full press release is below for your convenience.

Cult of the Lamb releases on August 11th for Xbox, Playstation, Switch, and PC.

Our most dedicated flock,

You ever just want to DIY a cult? A new Cult of the Lamb video from Devolver Digital today teaches you just how to do that. Introducing Sermons from the Lamb: Starting Your Cult!

You are the Mighty Lamb in Massive Monster and Devolver Digital’s Cult of the Lamb. Saved from sacrifice by The One Who Waits, you are compelled to build a loyal following in his name.

Today’s new features trailer delves into how you can manipulate your followers into being more productive cult members – whether it’s marrying a cult follower (OR SEVERAL, this is a cult, after all) and providing them with bigtime PDA (be careful, some cult members might get jealous!) or providing and encouraging use of mushrooms for your cultists’ pleasure (has anyone seen Midsommar? Heyyyooooo!) or (and I say this as casually as possible) command some cultists to, you know, display cannibalism in order to intimidate other members, there’s always fun and uniquely horrible ways to make your cult members more loyal.

And yes, you can choose to marry anyone you want in your cult. It’s your cult and you are in charge.


This one looks good, can’t wait to see review it.

A PS Community sim? Nice.

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Mort with the brilliant jokes again, I love it.

Facts tho!

Game drops exactly a day before I turn 40,lol.

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