Crystal Dynamics Avengers review copies held until September 1st

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This isn’t a good look for mine. That game is coming in hot like anthem it seems

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It’s not being received as bad as Anthem was before launch but it does still look disappointing. It seemed like SE was putting a lot into this game too. Nothing updates can’t fix overtime I suppose.

Ouch this is def a bad omen

… the ”beta” (demo) really did feel more anthem than destiny in every way so this is not unsurprising i guess

There is a 19GB day one patch with improvements they couldn’t ship with the game due to COVID and stuff, so I guess they don’t want outlets to review an outdated version of the game.

Plus, there was an open beta for everyone. Letting people try the game on their own inspire much more confidence than early reviews

There’s also a live stream on September 1st where they will detail things like endgame and new heroes, and they are also detailing new stuff on their blog every day this week.

We can accuse Crystal Dynamics of many things, but not of trying to hide the product they are selling


The beta was played for 28.5 million collective hours.

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Glad im waiting until XSX before playing the game as I do want to play it but not for current gen. I don’t think the game is bad, just not what majority were probably hoping for. Regardless of the MC/OC score ends up being, I see Avengers easily going past 10m in sales.

So 4,8 million played the beta. Not bad!

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To be clear I don’t think the game won’t sell or will be a flop on launch. I’m concerned that there will be a significant drop off like anthem and destiny experienced post launch. Destiny was able to recover their playerbase but anthem couldn’t.

I agree with your point that the game is probably coming in hot aswell and the patches could change a lot of QA in the game

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Oh, I know what you mean! To clarify, I was not replying directly to you – I was just trying to prevent people who never had interest in the game to come by the thread saying they knew the game was going to bomb. Although I am yet to see those kind of people in here, thankfully!

And I also share your concerns. I played through the beta and loved what I saw: the story, the lore and the gameplay. But there was nothing to keep me playing after I finished those HARM challenges, which of course made me draw comparisons to Anthem.

See, I loved Anthem. I spent around 70 hours in that game which is a lot by my standards, but it is still bad when we are talking about games as a service. And that’s why I am also a bit concerned for Avengers.

But I think things will be different for two main reasons: there are new story and characters dropping soon (dozens of new heroes according to datamining!), which Anthem didn’t have; and those are the bloody Avengers, which is enough to keep my interest after watching 12 years of MCU.

Unfortunately this has been the norm for many years. Few publishers push out their games with large time to review, it usually happens only when they’re 100% sure of very positive reception, which you can only really ensure with few franchises.

I think the game will sell like hell but I found it very disappointing. I did not feel at all like a superhero playing it. The controls are overdone as well.

I liked the demo and don’t buy reviews anyway, even the likes of Anthem was never as bad as it was made out to be.

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