Crysis Remastered Trilogy coming to Xbox One later this year

Crytek has announced today that Crysis Remastered Trilogy will launch for Xbox One later this fall (spring in the Southern Hemisphere), with some optimizations available for Xbox Series X|S owners via backwards compatibility. Developer Saber Interactive has been working alongside Crytek to deliver said improvements.

The bundle will feature the single-player remasters of Crysis, Crysis 2, and Crysis 3. The first game was already released last September and has been updated ever since to improve its performance. Each game from the trilogy will also be made available separately.


Ah so it’s just a bundle containing the already released #1

That’s great, for a second I thought they would re relase the first one already

each game is available separately. Thanks CryTek.

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Crysis 2 was so good. I actually prefered 2. It was more linear, but better paced and weapons, attachements and customisation were pretty good.

Crysis 3 is not a bad game, just not as good as 2. The bow and the graphics were pretty great though. But 720p blurry textures was rough. It’s crazy to think that we played those games and they looked okay I guess at the time. :joy:

Can’t wait for a replay.


Though tbh I don’t like that Saber Interactive is doing the ports.

I know they have gained a good reputation for how they handled the switch ports, but the FH4 SX ports and Crysis Remastered are sub-par efforts at best. At least in the launch state.

I believe you are mistaking Saber Interactive with Panic Button.

Panic Button specializes in ports. They ported some Bethesda titles to Switch and were responsible for optimizing Forza Horizon 4 for the Series X|S (which had some problems at launch, but they were fixed somewhat quickly).

Although Saber Interactive ported The Witcher 3 and Vampyr to the Switch, they also developed games like SnowRunner and WWE 2K Battlegrounds. They were also bought by Embracer last year.

With that said, Saber indeed helped developing the first remaster and it was not as good as it could be. The game is still being optimized more than six months after it was released.

Ah, indeed I was mixing them up.

A bit bummed by Crysis Remastered still not being as good as it could be, and not just performance wise. Hopefully they still update it to sort it out and for the other 2 they are more polished from the get go.

Good thing I didn’t buy the remaster of the first one

honestly kind of dumb it will be nearly 9 years since release by the time crysis 3 FINALLY releases on consoles beside ps360

IS it dumb? Because the way i see it…if Crysis 3 had come out on PS4/XO…i wouldn’t have even bothered with it. Crysis 3 was a nightmare to run decently for PC’s when it came out. With how awful the CPU’s were for last gen it would have ran poorly for those consoles too.

Now is the time to put Those games out…true 4k at higher FPS.

Crysis Remaster for PS4/XO is a waste. Doesn’t run 60FPS and looks worse than what a maxed out PC back in 2012 could run it.

Crysis is sort of synonymous for Technical marvel. ITs more fitting for the Trilogy to come out when the systems its being developed for can actually do it justice.

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