cRPG 'Trudograd' Now Available on Xbox Consoles

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Developer AtomTeam and publisher ATENT GAMES have announced that their turn based computer role-playing game ‘Trudograd’ is now available on Xbox consoles. A standalone expansion for Atom RPG (2018), it retails for $22.99 USD and includes all the features and additional content that have come to the original Steam release back in 2021.

Akin to the early ‘Fallout’ and ‘Wasteland’ titles, in ATOM RPG: Trudograd your goal is to travel to a giant post-apocalyptic metropolis that withstood the tests of nuclear obliteration and social collapse. There you must find what is thought to be humanity’s last hope in fending off the menace from outer space!

22 years ago the USSR and the Western Bloc destroyed each other in a nuclear inferno. Millions died instantly, society collapsed and technology was sent back into the Middle Ages. You are a member of ATOM – an organization tasked with protecting the post-apocalyptic remnants of humanity. Two years ago you – a rookie agent of ATOM – were sent on a dangerous mission into the Soviet Wastes. As a result, you uncovered certain information about a new threat that can potentially destroy the struggling remnants of humanity.

Trudograd features:

• Explore a vast open world, containing 40+ hours of gameplay and 45+ populated locations, from a snowy post apocalyptic megapolis and its outskirts to secret Soviet military bunkers, a large pirate tanker in the frozen sea and a mysterious island, among many more;

• Visit 30+ combat-only locations where you will get to fight tens of foe varieties from mercenaries to merciless mutants;

• Meet 300+ characters, each with a unique portrait and branching dialogue;

• Complete 200+ quests, most with multiple solutions and outcomes;

• Try out our fully voiced visual text quests with branching plots and unique hand made artwork;

• Arm yourself with 100+ models of distinct weaponry with 75+ weapon mods for further customization;

• Protect yourself using any of the 3 unique powered Soviet-style exoskeleton armor suits, with 20+ ways to customize and modify them for any playstyle;

And the fun doesn’t even end there!

Have a gander at the trailer and screenshots below for more details on Trudograd.

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Huh, this looks kinda cool.

Brave to take a risk like that with the name.

If people don’t like this a rechristening awaits. Turd-o-grad