CrossfireX is releasing on Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S February 10th

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During The Game Awards Smilegate Entertainment and Remedy Entertainment have revealed the release date for CrossfireX, a military first-person shooter based on Crossfire, a popular PC game.

Back in 2019 this title was revealed at the Xbox E3 press conference. At that announcement it was also revealed that Remedy Entertainment – known for games such as Control, Quantum Break and Alan Wake, was working on the single player campaign. CrossfireX will be releasing on February 10th on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.


I still think it’s weird this isn’t launching into Game Pass, nor is it coming to PC.

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It’s a very odd situation. As if this deal was made pre-2018 AND pre-2015 :rofl:

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I saw in another thread that Xbox is no longer publishing this, and they speculated that Xbox may have pulled out, probably because it took so long to come out. I don’t blame them. I’m not sure if Crossfire’s F2P MP was ever going to hit well on console, and now that space is packed, between Halo, Apex, CoD Warzone, etc.

Still, just feels weird. With the amount of deals Xbox makes to get games into Game Pass…getting this project seemed like a no-brainer.

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i just can’t with these modern militaristic fps anymore. they are all so realistic but you can’t see shit. i’m to old for this, i need color coded and clearly visible enemies like in Halo :woman_shrugging:t6:

Oh goodie, something to fill in that February void…


It definitely looks nice in the trailer, but I will wait and see what the price will be. If the duration of the game is like a CoD campaign I’m not gonna spend full price on it.

Is this still episodic or will the campaign be the full campaign?

No Game Pass - No play.

I’m only interested in the campaign, F2P MP shooters has to be the most tired genre atm. Outside of Halo, it’s all blergh.

I’d wait for reviews and longer gameplays, but yeah, it seems a generic COD clone.

No mention of episodic in the trailer, so unless they talk about this later it seems like the full thing.

Yes, but I do dig how shit flies around, destruction, more physics it seems, and I’m hoping it shoots, plays different than CoD. It’s Remedy and their games have their own feel always.

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I hope so because if it’s episodic, I will wait until it’s complete.

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