Crossfire X - MS exclusive or not?

Does anyone know if Crossfire X is MS exclusive, or just timed? I have seen Xbox Game Studios as the Publisher, so I would certainly hope that MS isn’t publishing games on PS.

I just assumed the X added at the end meant it would be an exclusive :thinking: It is CrossFire without the X in Asia.

Crossfire X is a new game unrelated to Crossfire in Asia aimed at the Western audience (from my quick research on it it’s confusing at the very least)

Its at least a timed console exclusive.

Just wondering if it eventually went to PlayStation would they keep the X in Crossfire :no_good_man: :yum:

Crossfire Cross? Idk hard to say and what complicates things is the Remedy Campaign seeing how they split recently but the multiplayer was decent in the beta just minor bugs

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Full exclusive or not, im buying and playing the campaign from Remedy. Shit looked insane!!!

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:no_good_man: :blush:

is this a launch title? I’m a big fps fan and the trailer looked awesome

It’s currently set to launch this Holiday season…November/December but I don’t see it getting an official release date until Microsoft announces the release date for Xbox Series X.

Timed exclusive