Critical Dewpoint

"This abandoned warehouse's last manifest lists scraps, UNSC equipment and a peculiar type of fuel. Perfect ingredients for mayhem."

To celebrate the anniversary of Halo and the return of the fan-favorite Mtn Dew's Game Fuel flavor, I was commissioned by Mountain Dew to design and build a brand-themed multiplayer map for Halo Infinite. This map was featured on Halo Infinite's matchmaking under the Halo 3 Refueled playlist released on November 14th, 2023.

Based on my Halo 3 MLG map's original design, Critical Dewpoint is a spiritual successor of Athlon with some tweaks on the design to match Halo Infinite's sandbox and modern movement but keeping the fast-paced action for competitive games like Capture the Flag and Slayer game modes. The concept brings back the essence of Halo 3's Foundry multiplayer map into this arena while offering a crossover look of an industrial environment and a kill house setting. Of course, the map also features a variety of green aspects on the environment like containers, cargo boxes, vending machines and even fuel (Mtn Dew) spilled on the floor to highlight the brand on the map.

I'd like to express big thanks to Cliff Schuldt, Prescott Beals, Evan Colson, Ryan Bergstrom and Donnie Taylor (343 Industries) for their invaluable insight throughout the project. Also, to content creators ExtremeBreaker1, lBlodreina, S3lioh and their communities for their feedback and help during the early playtests.
Of course, so many thanks to Katie Jerauld, Rob Semsey, Phantasia Jendro, Noah Benesch (343 Industries), Michelle Sachs and Harold Zaidain (MtnDew) for their communication and efforts on making this project possible.
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Congrats on getting your map into matchmaking! I played 10 matches last night, but haven’t drawn your map yet.

Thank you! <3 It took me like 20 matches to get my own map Haha But I hope you enjoy it when you get to play on it!