Crimson Desert - First look at true next gen game-play?

Visual and combat wise Crimson Desert is the first game with actual gameplay show yet!

What are your thoughts? Is there any game better then this? Let me know.


Looks very good! Although the combat doesn’t look any different than black desert(maybe more fast paced, but I Haven’t played enough bd to say) and the hair is still so weird looking too me(it’s the artifacts that appear to be a permanent part of the hair). But the environment save for some areas where the lighting seems off was great, character models looked great but I hope they give us more choices than what we got with bd, because picking your class seemed to pretty much came with the character model/gender and I don’t remember being able to do too much to change it.

Crimson Desert was already on my list from a year ago (along with Plan 8) when they showed a trailer for it and it looks amazing. I know some people say that the frame rate was bad but I don’t think t was the frame rate. I think it was camera shake and motion blur that makes the combat look bad due to people thinking the frame rate was tanking.

Combat itself looked great issues aside, world looks stunning, flying the dragon was a holy shit!! moment and best of all, can be played fully solo as far as im aware with optional co-op. Think Far Cry.

As long as all stays well, this is day one. I’m looking forward to seeing more of PLAN 8 also from Pearl Abyss. Current Gen baby!!! Let’s go!!!

They also made Black Desert and personally I don’t like it at all. Geoff said MMO with single-player story and/or quests I think and I guess that could turn out well. We’ll see.

But if it’s like Black Desert, nah.

Developer Commentary with the same gameplay trailer. It’s in Korean so you’ll have to read it via the subtitle option.


I do not like MMOs but this one looks so good I’ll play it. Why can’t we have a real SP RPG that looks like this?

I’ve noticed using my Series X since launch that environmental wind and particle effects are going to be big this gen. Glad to have it where leaves and dust kick up in the wind. Really helps present a believable world.

Yeah that game gave me some big next gen vibes, I’ll be keeping an eye on it and also hoping the next Dragon Age looks as good as this.

Its an early next gen game.

Theres also the matter of budget and resources, while the new hardware will allow for new things, there will be some areas which cant compete with a huge budget even on last gen hardware. I think the next big leap in open world games will either be the next GTA or ubisoft game in like 2022/3 until then we are in like a cross gen limbo.

The devs are Korean, so it’s most likely in Korean, not Chinese. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops. My bad.