If you like old creepy overgrown castles and symmetrical maps with a lot of verticality then you’ll like CrestFallen. A castle lost to time that was refuge for warriors long ago is now the next battle ground for your spartan!

This map may be small length wise but it has multiple layers that flow together from a battle across bridges in the main hall, A scrap in the court yard and finally a splash in the well full of water. Each of these locations have multiple paths to get you around the map!

This map gives a lot of freedom to where you wanna go. Not a lot of death zones most are time zones so if you really wanted you could use the roof of the castle to your advantage!

Hopefully you enjoy my first halo map ever!


Really like the map, only issue we had was that grav lifts from the well could be inconsistent and I hope they can be fixed because I like using this map.